Waiting for the soldier

L’attente du soldat

On the road from Sébastien Bouchard to reach his full potential between the cables, the pitfalls are accumulating. After the injuries the last few years and the COVID-19 who have put their dreams on hold, waiting for better days the eats. “I am sickened that my career is on pause, but I am far from being disgusted with boxing,” says the beating.

The time is long for a boxer, Baie-Saint-Paul, even if he appreciates the time spent in the company of his sweetheart and his smart two-year, on his large property in L’ange-Gardien, near Quebec city.

“It is quiet not bad. I do a bit of running outside and I tap the bag in the cellar. It’s just maintenance, not from too far away when it will start again “, he says at the end of the wire.

But, the big question… When boxing will she revive ? The return of the UFC, behind closed doors the last weekend in Jacksonville, and sow a parcel of hope within the followers of combat sports. For Bouchard (18-2, 8 K.-O.) as for several other, waiting for a date for the resumption of activities in the arena, however, is proving interminable.

“Georges St-Pierre has often said that he carburait to training, but that if he could, he would not be beaten. To me, it is the opposite. The training, it is a rite of passage. I would just beat me. When I have a date to fight in front of me, the motivation picks up and I am no longer arrêtable. With a mission in front of me, I am a soldier. At this time, with may be and if there is too much uncertainty “, he laments.

Ready – ” anytime “

Bouchard, however, is not the type to balk at the book, he who has labored for ten years in the construction and for five years at the port of Quebec, during which time he has conducted his career in the arena.

This is why he does not ask better than a return to the competition, even if the context present health complicates his plans.

“I’m ready to beat me anytime. Yes, in boxing there are contacts and body to body, but compared to the team sports, the number of people involved in a fight is reduced. The risk of cross-contamination are minimal.

“In the meantime, I respect the recommendations (public health), but I do it to protect our seniors. Me, compared to all that, I am far from being hysterical, ” said he, frankly.

In 2017, Bouchard has not played a battle due to an injury to the biceps right. Last November, while he was fighting for two titles NABA, this is his biceps on the left side that dropped to the fourth round. Meanwhile, an injury to the rotator cuff the rotator was deprived of fighting for almost a year.

Aware of its reality

At 33 years of age, Bouchard has no eternity in front of him, ” but I don’t feel worn out “, he says.

“I’ve never been so talked with Yvon (Michel) that currently and as a promoter, he knows my potential. I have clearly not yet reached my top. I am fully aware that I do not have the talent of the great champions, but I’m a working, a Eric Lucas.

“As soon as it is going to resume, I’m going to take off. In the meantime, I don’t live above my means, my sponsors continue to support me and I have made good investments in my youth. At least I have peace in my house in the woods and I see the growth of my daughter. My strength has always been my morale, ” says-t it.

Before his last déveine, Bouchard had won their last ten duels, including the last three by K.-O. It refers to a battle of fitness before you can again tackle a belt.

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