Wall Street ends up in scattered order after indicators contrasting

Wall Street finit en ordre dispersé après des indicateurs contrastés

New York | Wall Street ended without a clear direction on Thursday, the day after a strong increase and after several indicators american in half-tone, including a number of new unemployed, slightly higher than expectations.

Its index feature, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has grappillé 0.05% to 26.281,82 points.

The Nasdaq, however, lost 0.69 per cent of 9.615,81 points, and the index expanded S&P 500 declined 0.34% to 3.112,35 points.

The Nasdaq and the S&P 500 declined after both reconciled on the eve of their historic highs reached in February.

“The market has made a small pause from both a technical point of view and from a point of view of the fundamentals,” said Peter Cardillo Spartan Capital Securities.

The rank of the indicators, the number of new applicants for unemployment benefits in the United States amounted to 1.87 million people, according to data from the department of Labor.

This is the first time that this figure falls below 2 million since mid-march, when the pandemic Covid-19 began to hit the full force of the u.s. economy.

However, it is a little higher than the expectations of analysts, which reminds us of the difficult period that crosses the first power in the world, despite the gradual lifting of the containment in most States.

The u.s. trade deficit, for its part, jumped from 16.7% in April as a result of a plunge by record exports, a consequence of the pandemic, according to data from the department of Commerce.

The productivity has decreased by 0.9% in the first quarter of 2020, a smaller decline than announced, according to data from the department of Labor.

The market will become aware of Friday’s employment figures and the unemployment rate in the United States for the month of may. Some analysts expect an unemployment rate of nearly 20%.

“The unemployment figures tomorrow (Friday) should show that he is not going to be a quick reboot on the labour market,” predicts Mr. Cardillo.

“There will be a recession that could last until the middle of next year “, he says.

Us investors were also digesting Thursday’s announcement by the european central Bank (ECB) of an extension and an expansion of its emergency programme in the face of the sars coronavirus.

On the bond market, the rate on 10-year us debt was rising, moving on to 0,8168% against 0,7458% Wednesday evening.

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