Wall Street opens down, always leaded by the plunge in oil

Wall Street ouvre en baisse, toujours plombée par le plongeon pétrolier

NEW YORK | The stock Exchange in new york fell sharply Tuesday in the beginning of the session, again weakened by the fall in oil prices.

To 10 h, the index feature of Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, lost 1,55 %, to 23 282,78 points.

The Nasdaq, in high coloring technology, dropped 1.51 per cent, to 8431,38 points, and the S&P 500, which represents 500 largest companies of Wall Street, declined 1.44 %, to 2782,48 points.

Wall Street finished in the red Monday after the plunge the unprecedented price per barrel of crude traded in New York, including the contract for may delivery had closed below the zero dollar: the Dow Jones had lost and 2.44 % and the Nasdaq 1,79 %.

“The unrest on the crude oil market continues to worry investors and exacerbate volatility “, noted analysts at Charles Schwab.

The barrel to new york’s West Texas Intermediate for may delivery, which is the last day of trading, closed on Monday at about -38 dollars, investors are willing to pay to get rid of their contract to black gold in a market close to saturation.

The price of oil continued to be under pressure on Tuesday, with WTI for delivery in June, dropping nearly 30 %, and those of Brent North sea for delivery at the same date, transferor more than 23 %.

The market of black gold is in a free fall for several weeks, while travel restrictions in many countries, and the paralysis of many economies due to the pandemic were made by melting the world’s consumption.

Another topic that held Tuesday, the attention of market players: the negotiations between the parliamentary democrats and the White House to release a second wave of loans federal to help u.s. SMES hit by the crisis linked to the sars coronavirus.

Despite statements optimistic to the last weekend of responsible democrats and republicans, no vote has not yet been organized.

On the bond market, the rate on 10-year u.s. debt declined to 0,5691 % against 0,6053 % the day before the closing.

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