Walrus interesting facts about sea giants

Walruses are sociable, kept in family groups (3-6 animals), consisting of males, females and calves of different ages.

Моржі - цікаві факти про морських велетнів

Weight of an adult walrus is from 800 to 1,700 kg. And some male giants weigh 2 tons. The largest walruses live in the Pacific ocean. But the Atlantic “brother” less than 10-20 percent. The average life expectancy of a walrus is about 40 years, informs Rus.Media.

In some walrus tusks length reaches one meter. Moreover, the tusks perform different functions: help to defend from enemies, to cling to the ice, when the animal is selected from water, as well as to dig up from the seabed shellfish. No wonder, in Latin called walrus Odobenus rosmarus, which means “sea horse that walks with the help of teeth.”

The walrus is very thick, up to 10 centimeters, the skin, and under it a 15-centimeter layer of fat. Such a powerful “armour” allows the animals survive for long periods in the icy water. Besides, the walrus is free to stay under water for up to 10 minutes, breathing in the fresh air.

The number of Pacific walruses is about 200 000 individuals. The Atlantic subspecies is much rarer and has approximately 20 000 animals. Even less (5-10 thousand) laptsinski walrus, which can be found only off the coast of the Laptev sea. In Russia it is listed in the Red Book.

In the nature of walruses have only two enemies – the killer whale and polar bear. But, the main enemy, of course, people. Currently, walrus hunting is only allowed indigenous peoples of the Arctic.

Shellfish form the basis of the diet of walrus. The animal dives to the bottom, the tusks plowing the soil, causing the shell to float up. Walrus frays their powerful fins and eats meat. Adult male eats in a day to 50 kilograms of molluscs.

The female begins to breed at the age of 7-8 years. Pregnancy lasts about 15 months. Therefore, the young of the walrus do not appear often. Usually once in three years. The first 2 years of a young walrus near the mother. This is because only at this age, he has tusks. Until two years he feeds on mother’s milk. The walrus – caring mother. Even if the baby remains an orphan, it takes care on someone of childless females.

The walrus, which is contained in captivity are often deprived of their tusks. Following natural instinct, he tries to loosen the bottom of the pool. Of course, it is not possible, but the tusks are broken.

Walrus, after a long stay in the icy water changes color, becoming lighter. This is because the blood vessels constrict from the cold. Therefore, the old walruses have almost pink skin, while young, with a hint of chocolate.