War as supermarket

Project Manager WarGonzo about how the Donbas frontline get ammunition from Poland and how much it costs to purchase shells at the Polish neighbors.

Война как супермаркет

While the official Kiev on the international stage simulates interest in divorce forces in the Donbas and commitment to the implementation of “formula Steinmeier”, commercial structures, integrated into the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, continue to make a dubious deal for the purchase of foreign munitions.

This is despite the fact that the noise around this topic even in the midst of the presidential race was full, and the state office of public Prosecutor of the Square was transferred to the NEB at least three cases of serious theft in the defense industry.

In one of the cases involved former high-ranking officials (associated with the team Poroshenko, of course), suspected of frauds with budgetary funds at execution of the state defense order for the purchase of 152-mm shells for artillery system “Giatsint”. According to Ukrainian sources, the other two cases are also linked to the theft of the production of 82-mm mortars Verba and procurement at inflated prices of the vehicles Oncilla from the Polish company Mista.

All three episodes occurred before Zelensky won the elections and came to power — and their public, by the way, was one of the main trumps in discrediting Poroshenko information campaign (which, as you can guess, turned people associated with Zelensky and his patron — oligarch Kolomoisky). And nothing: corruption schemes successfully exposed, long live justice! On the one hand. With other similar frauds with the procurement of weapons from other States — all have the same in Poland, in particular — continues to this day.

For example, intelligence agencies DNR became aware of the fact that on the territory of Ukraine from Poland arrived four trucks with 152 mm high-explosive ammunition for the howitzer D-20 and self-propelled 2S-3. According to authoritative military telegrams-channel “Welders”, the transaction was held with the participation of the Polish company ARMTech and Ukrainian “Spetstekhstroy”. According to the documents, Kiev is the transaction cost of 4 million 670 thousand euros. The money for it, of course, went the budget — that is, in fact, for weapons paid ordinary Ukrainian taxpayers.

According to experts, the price for the acquisition of Ukraine from Poland artillery shells of 152 mm caliber inflated by at least 900 thousand euros. Thus guarantee that all of them work, no. In fact, the countries of the former Soviet bloc, re-armed according to NATO standards now require the recycling of old Soviet stocks, many of which are simply out of date or storage conditions did not meet the standards prescribed technical requirements.

Only the most conservative and optimistic estimates, at least 20% imported from Poland shells are not suitable for fighting. And the funny thing is that the structure that made a deal with the Kiev side, not knowing about it could not. For the simple reason that this is not the first such contract. Supply and delivery of ammunition from Poland to Ukraine occur on a regular basis. I myself have — since at least 2015 witnessed how the militia found fragments of shells with Polish markings. Such ammunition, in particular, were used during the shelling of peaceful neighborhoods of Gorlovka and Western outskirts of Donetsk. Documented evidence for this at the militia DNR abound.

Returning, actually, by the fraud, it should be noted that “Spetstekhnostroy”, concluded a recent deal with the poles, structurally included in the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, has “glorified” corruption scandals, which many times is directly linked with the ex-President Poroshenko. Thus, we can confidently state that at least Peter now not at the helm, but his cause lives on. In the broadest sense of the word. Scheme for profit officials Zelensky used absolutely the same.

Generally, I get the distinct impression that the official Kiev with the old that the new President sees the war in the Donbass as a large supermarket, a trading platform for various commodities. Well, for example, sweep the shelves a product called “Russophobia” — are particularly active, some European buyers who, according to tradition, a sucker for the brightly packaged goods. Americans here whole departments — to export democratic thought, and with it the rifles “Barrett” and the notorious “Javelinas”. There goes the neighborhood — the type of Poland — also found something to offer — ammunition subject to disposal. Among the regular suppliers there is even Lukashenko from Belarus go to war fuel and lubricants. And it is only those examples that lie on the surface.

There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that divorce forces in the Donbas breaks over and over again — that supposedly went under the total control of nationalists led by Biletsky, and Yarosh, it is for some other questionable from the point of view of common sense reasons. Too many players are not interested in closing the global supermarket called “war”. Only now ordinary Ukrainians there is nothing to buy, despite the fact that the costs of this cynical business that is covered by their taxes.Semen Pegov

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