Warnings against a travel agency of Saint-Apollinaire

Mises en demeure contre une agence de voyages de Saint-Apollinaire

SAINT-APOLLINAIRE | Imagine yourself to be without income for four months and have to deal with three formal warnings.

It is this that saw the owner of a travel agency in Saint-Apollinaire, in Chaudière-Appalaches. Several angry customers not receiving credit journey continue in effect Annie Caron.

However, it is not she who has the money of its clients by hand, but the airlines.

“The conversations became nastier and clients have said: “We are going to pursue you Annie!” I replied that I could defend myself, but it’s a shame to get there because it was the customers who were satisfied at the start!” said Saturday on TVA New Annie Caron, owner of the Agency As we travel.

Besides, the agency estimates its revenue losses at $ 65,000, a reality that is difficult to live.

“It is still necessary to bear the fixed costs such as our local, our phone and our internet… And, in addition, one needs to pay our lawyers to defend themselves. How will we be able to survive this crisis?” asked Mrs. Caron.

The agency As you travel, had to cancel 1500 travel since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19. The company understands the frustration of its customers, but it has not received any response from the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC), and this, even after several attempts.

“The travel insurers such as Manulife, Desjardins or Blue Cross to send the ball to the MUTUAL fund and the MUTUAL fund sends the ball to the insurers! They return the ball for the past four months and this is still not solved! I would like to have an answer, please, to be able to reassure my customers!!!”, said the business woman.

The Office of consumer protection has not recalled VAT New, and no response has been obtained in relation to the compensation Fund for customers of travel agents (FICAV).

“The FICAV has already received 30 000 applications for compensation and the level of the Canadian transportation agency (CTA), one speaks of the over 20 000 complaints that have been made. […] There is not a clear positioning, namely, whether the airline should refund or not. All this brings a huge problem for customers,” said Jacob Charbonneau, CEO of the specialist internet site VolEnRetard.ca.

Even if the european Union has reopened its borders to Canadian on July 1, the situation does not improve in travel agencies.

The price of plane tickets, which are on the rise, and the uncertainty of coverage by some insurance companies to curb the wanderlust of many Quebecers.

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