Wash the chicken under running water is dangerous to health

Мыть курицу проточной водой опасно для здоровья

If before you cook the chicken you prefer to rinse it with tap water for the sake of safety, be sure to stop doing it. With such an appeal addressed by the experts in the field of healthy nutrition of the United States.

A huge number of Housewives believe that before you put the chicken on the griddle or in the pan, it needs a good wash, then dry. According to experts, this is a very bad idea. They strongly suggest never to wash meat.

In the United States and Canada for several years conducted an information campaign, during which people are encouraged to abandon this practice, however, so far without much success. According to Professor of nutrition, University of Guelph Keith Warriner, the problem is that this tradition is passed from generation to generation, and the origins of this tradition stems back to ancient cookbooks.

“Washing chicken or any other meat in reality is pointless, emphasizes Prof. — The thing is that any bacteria that may be on the surface of the meat, is sure to be destroyed during high temperature processing in the preparation.

But washing chicken significantly increases the risk of spreading bacteria. We are talking about aerosolized bacteria released in the air together with water drops. They are then found on different surfaces in the kitchen, on clothing and on the skin of people in a diameter of 50 cm from the sink.”

A particular danger is the chicken as it spreads bacteria called Campylobacter.

Enough to in your body a total of 500 cells of the bacteria (and chicken their billions), how persistent diarrhoea during the week provided. Naturally, the risk increases and other dangerous pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella.

Given the enormous number of bacteria can live on the surface of raw meat, wash it in running water it becomes really dangerous for health.


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