Washing Stations and kits pandemic to the police

Stations de lavage et trousses de pandémie pour les corps policiers

To protect the population, it is necessary to protect the troops, and, in the past 48 hours, very restrictive and have been established by the senior officers of the three police forces serving the greater Quebec city region.

The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), no cases of COVID-19 has not yet been reported among the workforce, who have 1,000 police officers and civilian personnel.

“However, for prevention, the Service has sent sixty people containment voluntary, since their return from the trip or even their particular medical conditions”, reported in the Journal Marie-Claude Brousseau, director of communications in the public safety of the City of Quebec.

Measures were quickly taken to ensure the exchanges between the police and citizens by limiting the physical contact.

Limit contacts

Although the reception desks of the police stations remain open, the leaders of the SPVQ ask citizens to prioritize complaints by telephone or by internet when possible.

Of car wash stations 24 hours on 24, will also be established in the course of the next few hours in each of the police stations, in order to meet the needs of police officers and to minimize the spread of the COVID-19.

“The police will therefore be able to clean their vehicle at any time, depending on the needs of the field,” said the director.

Kits pandemic will also be installed in the next few days in all the patrol vehicles of the different boroughs, in order to provide additional protection to agents.

This kit should contain, among other things, tampons, disinfectants, surgical masks, N95 masks as well as gloves.

Strategy in preparation

Concerning the transport of prisoners, detention, fingerprinting, and other actions of proximity with the citizens that need to be made, hygiene measures and additional protection are currently in preparation.

“The evolution of the situation is followed on a daily basis and management takes its decisions based on these developments and following discussions daily with the Directorate of public health, as well as with municipal and provincial authorities”, she added.

The SPVQ is also in provincial coordination with other police and with the Department of public Safety, in order to exchange on best practices.

Sûreté du Québec

The Sûreté du Québec, several measures have also been put in place to protect police officers and civilians who work in this environment.

“Regarding the latter, teleworking, when it is possible, is strongly encouraged,” said Ann Mathieu, a spokesperson for the SQ.

Just as the employees of the City of Quebec, police officers have access to various tools to avoid contagion.

Moreover, although the repatriation of police officers or civilians today at the retirement is not in his immediate plans, the SQ can not rule out this possibility.

“During large-scale operations, all scenarios are being considered,” added Ms. Mathieu, stating that there was not, for the moment, “on the issue of absenteeism”.

On the side of the police Department of the City of Lévis, the same sanitary measures have been taken and they will be regularly re-evaluated because of the situation that is evolving.

Currently, four police officers are in isolation due to a return of travel and the police who worked at the école secondaire Les Etchemins is also in isolation after confirmation, in the beginning of the week, a case of COVID-19 in the establishment.

– With the collaboration of Dominique Lelièvre


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