Washington amount that the company 3M stops the export of N95 masks

Washington somme que la compagnie 3M cesse l'exportation de masques N95

WASHINGTON | The multinational, 3M, who manufactures including masks, was asked by the administration to Trump to cease to export to Canada and Latin America.

In a statement released Friday, the company has made this request of the White House that it is not explained.

“There are major humanitarian consequences related to this-stop supply for health workers in Canada and in Latin America, where we are a critical supplier”, the company said.

“In addition, the cessation of all export of masks made in the United States would likely lead other countries to retaliate and do the same, as some have already done, a-t-is added. If this were to occur, the net number of masks available to the United States would decrease. This is the opposite of what we and the directors, on behalf of the american people, look,” one can read in the press release.

Furthermore, the company explained that it made the maximum of masks possible, and that it continued to secure orders for the Americans.

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