Washington Examiner: the Georgian opposition can save only visit trump in Tbilisi

Washington Examiner: грузинскую оппозицию может спасти только визит Трампа в Тбилиси

Tom Rogan (Tom Rogan), a political columnist for the weekly American magazine, the main theme of which is internal and external policy of the USA, I am sure that the President of the United States Donald Trump just need to go on a visit to Georgia. A journalist and the author of the article in the Washington Examiner, made after a meeting with Georgian MPs in the opposition.”He was, of course, will welcome you. Because the tramp for the first year of stay in power did what Obama could not do in eight years of his presidency, he authorized the sale of Georgia vital military equipment,” – said Rohan.According to him, Georgians are making of America, “greater solidarity”, even so he explained, “a senior parliamentarian Giga Bokeria”.And Bokeria, and his colleagues in the Parliament are very grateful to the President of the United States for its constant support, the author notes, however, in recent times they have increasingly serious problems in connection with the threat from Russia.”Capturing some parts of the Georgian territory after the 2008 war between the two countries, Putin is now intensifying its hostile actions creating tensions in the territory controlled by Georgia,” Rohan explains That the reason why the Georgian opposition urgently needs American aid. How Russia is “increasing the tension”, a political commentator does not explain, offering to trust yourself in the word.The Washington Examiner notes that “the current government of Georgia, which is actually secretly headed by the billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, are increasingly turning a blind eye to Russian aggression, which is all the time increasing its pressure on Georgia in the hope to get something else.”According to Tom Rogan in this “hard” case, it can only help the President of the United States – and no one else. Rather, his personal visit to Georgia, which would have shown the world (especially, of course, in Russia) that Washington continues to play a leading role in the struggle for democracy.”Even if trump and would not apply to the Russian theme, his mere presence reassured the country with a population of 3.7 million people, would give her spirit and showed that the leader of the free world cares about her future. And it would allow Trump to show (even on the background of the unfolding of this whole impeachment) that America is still the greatest force for democracy” – offers prescription assistance to the Georgian opposition Washington Examiner.It is worth noting that this article was published amid the continued decrease of the gel and, consequently, the growth of prices in Georgia – it all provoked the anti-Russian protests of the opposition. Now they are waiting for personal support trump, but the Georgians apparently offered to have Breakfast, lunch and dinner democracy.

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