Washington increases the pressure on Beijing to defend the autonomy of Hong Kong

Washington renforce la pression sur Pékin pour défendre l’autonomie de Hong Kong

WASHINGTON | Washington has strengthened Friday, the pressure on Beijing to “punish” the “managers” of the takeover of Hong Kong by limiting their entry into the United States, at a time when the u.s. Congress seems determined to go further in the sanctions.

Donald Trump “has promised to punish the leaders of the chinese communist Party at the origin of the dismantling of the freedoms of Hong Kong,” said the head of american diplomacy Mike Pompeo.

“To do this”, he announced “visa restrictions” for the members of the all-powerful ruling party of China, “considered responsible for, or complicit in, the questioning of the high level of autonomy of Hong Kong” as stipulated in the international commitments of Beijing.

These measures are also the leaders involved in “the challenge of human rights and fundamental freedoms” in the former british colony.

Mike Pompeo has not specified the number nor the identity of the persons referred to, but pointed out that their immediate family was also likely to be concerned.

“The United States calls on China to honour its commitments,” added the secretary of State, is threatening to take new measures.

China announced last month a controversial bill to resume control of security in Hong Kong, immediately judged by local opposition and a large part of the international community as a way to silence the pro-democracy movement in hong kong.

“Not enough”

Donald Trump, lamenting a “tragedy for the people of Hong Kong”, has opened the way to a questioning of the preferential status, in particular in the sphere of trade, granted to the territory by the United States. In the eyes of the administration of the american president, he is to make it clear to China that Hong Kong, without real autonomy, it can lose its prosperity and its attractiveness, and thus his role of a financial world that is so important for the chinese economy as a whole.

But in the us Congress, many elected republicans, like democrats, believe the government’s response Trump still too timid to dissuade the chinese authorities to adopt for good text.

“Visa restrictions, it is not enough to deter China from continuing its campaign against the freedoms in Hong Kong,” responded democratic senator Chris Van Hollen, calling for “additional sanctions”.

This elected is one of the authors of a proposal for a law adopted Thursday by the Senate, unanimously, and which provides for automatic sanctions more severe.

If it is also passed by the House of representatives and then signed into law by the billionaire republican, she would punish financially the leaders of the communist Party at the origin of the national security law to Hong Kong, as the police units involved in the repression of protesters in hong kong.

Most importantly, the banks that would lead to “significant transactions” with persons or sanctioned entities are in turn subject to punitive measures.

This dispute came to intensify even further the tensions between the two leading world powers, is already in full confrontation about the spread of the new coronavirus, including Donald Trump blames the responsibility in Beijing.

Initially willingly friendly to the respect of his chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, despite the war, trade between the two largest economies in the world, the american president has hardened the tone. It follows that the positions that have already been much more firm in his government, led by the falcon anti-China Mike Pompeo, convinced that the asian giant is the main strategic opponent of the long term of the United States.

The head of the american diplomacy has met last week the top chinese official Yang Jiechi in Hawaii, but this meeting of the crisis has not halted the escalation, and Mike Pompeo has since continued to shatter its case in public against China.

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