Washington Post columnist saw the hawk Ted Cruz “Putin’s puppet”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a champion of the cold war and anti-Putin hawk, reiterated recently, “a blatant lie” trump that Ukraine interfered in the presidential elections of 2016 in the U.S., writes columnist for the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin. Thus, in her opinion, Cruz took the example of the White house and began to repeat Russian propaganda, becoming a “Putin puppet”.

Обозреватель Washington Post разглядела в ястребе Теде Крузе «марионетку Путина»

ReutersДошло that us Senator Ted Cruz has become a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes the Washington Post commentator Jennifer Rubin. Cruz, as the author notes, his entire adult life extolled the West’s victory over communism within the cold war. In July 2014, he told the group of young conservatives: “Mr. Putin, bring Crimea. Why President Obama even can’t how to say it? The words that are coming from the President of the United States, important. And President Reagan is shown. One of the saddest points is that President Obama does not”. Meanwhile, in fact, in March 2014 the then us President Barack Obama along with other world leaders decided to exclude Russia from the “Big eight”. It was a direct response from the major powers on the Russian annexation of Crimea*. And in August of the same year, Obama said: “If there ever was any doubt, we now agree that Russia is responsible for violence in Eastern Ukraine. This violence is encouraged by Russia. Russia trains separatists, arming and financing them. Russia has deliberately and repeatedly violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the new staff, talking about the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine make it obvious to the whole world.” This columnist for the Washington Post concludes that Cruz and other Republicans, in particular President of the United States Donald trump for a long time lied about Obama’s positions on Ukraine. One can argue, of course, that the answer is the former American leader could be tougher, but he was not a Putin apologist. And in this respect, Obama isn’t even close to trump, who during the election campaign of 2016 mindlessly repeating Moscow’s position that the people of Crimea prefer to be with Russia, not with Ukraine. And, of course, even you can not imagine that trump will demand something from Putin, for example, to stop the illegal invasion of the Ukraine or the annexation of its territory. Moreover, trump expressed a desire to suspend the allocation of aid to Kiev, which Putin tried to achieve for several years. What’s worse — the White house is now spreading a blatant lie about the fact that Ukraine interfered in the presidential elections of 2016 in the U.S., although the U.S. intelligence community have repeatedly denied this information. As for Ted Cruz, a champion of the cold war, the criticism of Obama and the anti-Putin hawk, he now also claims to have evidence that Kiev has interfered in American elections. And he made this statement just because an article was published critical of trump’s rhetoric on Ukraine. “That’s what sunk Cruz is the President, who, to the great delight of Putin, wants to put Ukraine back blow,” complains Jennifer Rubin. Putin, according to her, most of all strives to absolve Russia at least part of the responsibility for the attack on the U.S. 2016 elections. Spreading doubt about the fact that the blame for the intervention lies not only in Moscow, is the approach taken straight from the Kremlin propaganda. And Ted Cruz has shown a willingness to help Trump and Putin doing the same, the article says. According to the author, the Senator does not want to act against the head of the White house, because it is, in fact, all the Republicans in Congress, “a coward who is afraid of tweets and the gang trump”. “The Republican party, which had played tough on defense, he prefers to help the Kremlin propaganda machine and support trump (the best friend of Putin) than to incur the wrath of the right wing,” notes columnist for the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin. * Crimea became part of Russia after it was voted the overwhelming majority of the residents by referendum on March 16, 2014 (approx. Inotv).

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