Washington Post columnist urges to punish Republicans of spreading “Russian propaganda”

Sitting in the U.S. Congress, Republicans must be called to account for violation of the oath, because they not only do not support the impeachment of Donald trump, but spreading “Russian propaganda”, writes the Washington Post commentator Jennifer Rubin. Moreover, according to the author, they “intentionally assist Russia in its propaganda operations”.

Обозреватель Washington Post призывает наказать республиканцев, распространяющих «российскую пропаганду»

ReutersРеспубликанцы in the U.S. Congress violate the oath they gave, on assuming office, because they do not support the impeachment of U.S. President Donald trump, who may have done more serious, “especially serious crime, of an offense” and bribery than all his predecessors combined, says the Washington Post commentator Jennifer Rubin. The American leader was unfaithful to his country — not only when he supported Russia in its “war against Ukraine,” but when engaged in spreading propaganda. And the Republicans are to blame in the same measure. Fiona hill, a respected expert on Russia and former employee of the White house recently issued a harsh criticism against the most ardent defenders of the trump in the U.S. Congress. She, in particular, stated that the lawmakers saying “the fictional version of events”, which is likely created by Russian special services. However, this had no effect on Republicans, laments the author. “They are not innocents and are not pawns of Fox News. They deliberately assist Russia in its propaganda operations,” says Rubin. The American intelligence recently told senators and their aides about the fact that Moscow in the course of the year led a campaign to substitute the Ukraine and put it responsible for Russian hacker attack 2016. “If the Republicans in Congress have evidence that our intelligence community is wrong, then they should submit these evidence. Otherwise, they should be held accountable for the deliberate promotion of a hostile foreign power”, says Rubin. In her opinion, the Republicans should take full responsibility for that use false claims that trump is using for his defense and who play into the hands of Russia. The American President needs to be held accountable for their failure to protect US national security because of its susceptibility to Russian propaganda. “The Republicans, apparently, have not lost the power of the mind and so must be exposed and deprived of their posts by voting for the distribution of definite propaganda from a hostile power. As for trump, there are many grounds for his impeachment, but there is one very serious, and let’s not forget about it: the President is intellectually not able to accept the reality. He cannot perform the duties of commander-in-chief” — sums up his article for The Washington Post Jennifer Rubin.

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