Washington suggests that Beijing has found as early as November, the appearance of the virus

Washington suggère que Pékin a constaté dès novembre l’apparition du virus

WASHINGTON | The United States, which accuse China of being late to prevent the rest of the world the emergence of the new coronavirus, suggested Thursday that Beijing had perhaps found the first cases as early as November and not in December as indicated by the chinese authorities.

“You will recall that the first cases were known by the chinese government, possibly as early as November, certainly by mid-December, and they have put in the time to report this to the rest of the world, including the world health Organization (WHO),” said the head of american diplomacy Mike Pompeo on local radio in Washington.

China has revealed the existence of the WHO of an outbreak of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei province, on December 31. There are officially 44 cases, including eleven people who have contracted a severe form of pneumonia.

WHO has communicated publicly about this virus for the first time on 4 January, but has not declared a “public health emergency of international concern” that on the 30th of January.

Beijing has always ensured that they shared the information very quickly, but the administration of Donald Trump accuses him of being late, and to have concealed the severity of the disease, which has allowed Washington to the epidemic spread through the world and kill tens of thousands of people.

Up here, the first case referred back to December in Wuhan.

Mike Pompeo therefore goes further in speaking of a possible chinese knowledge of the existence of a virus as early as November.

The american authorities accuse as to WHO to have too much confidence in China, and to have neglected a warning from Taiwan that would have prevented from the end of December, a probable human transmission of the virus.

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