Washington talked about to hold its first nuclear test in almost 30 years

The administration Trump has referred to the possibility to carry out the first nuclear test of the united states since 1992, as a warning to Russia and China, reported the Washington Post on Friday, which would be a break with american defence policy.

According to the u.s. daily, which quoted a government official and two former officials, all under the guise of anonymity, this discussion took place during a meeting on may 15.

It occurred after that american officials have said that Russia and China were carrying out trials. Moscow and Beijing have denied, and Washington has not provided evidence.

For the top official of the authority cited by the Washington Post, show that the United States is capable of conducting a trial “soon” would be a negotiating tactic useful at a time when Washington is seeking to conclude a tripartite agreement with Russia and China on nuclear weapons.

The meeting ended without decision, and the sources were divided as to the continuation of the discussions.

Beatrice Fihn of the international Campaign to abolish nuclear weapons (ICAN), the group that won the Nobel peace prize in 2017, has warned that a nuclear test u.s. could ” plunge us into a new cold War “.

“It would also explode any chance to avoid a new and dangerous nuclear arms race. It would complete erode the global framework for arms control “, she said in a press release.

The administration of Donald Trump has several times made decisions that have shaken the politics of american defense.

This information from the Washington Post were published after the u.s. president announced that he wanted to withdraw his country from the treaty on Open Skies (open Skies) which entered into force in 2002, accusing Russia of violating it. This text allows countries to make flights of observation above the territories of other States to verify the military movements.

This is the third international agreement to which the u.s. president decides to withdraw the United States, after the pact on iran’s nuclear program, denounced by 2018, and the treaty, INF-missile ground-based medium-range, abandoned in 2019.

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