Washington wants North Korea denuclearized regardless of its leader

Washington veut une Corée du Nord dénucléarisée quel que soit son dirigeant

The United States will continue to seek the denuclearization of North Korea regardless of its leader, said on Wednesday the us secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while circulating rumours about the health of Kim Jong One.

In an interview with the american channel Fox News, Mr. Pompeo recalled that he had met the influential sister of north Korean leader, Kim Yo Jong, whose recent ascension in the hierarchy has led some scholars to see in it a possible successor.

“I have had the opportunity to meet her a few times, but the challenge remains the same, the objective remains unchanged, regardless of the person who runs the North Korea”, said the head of american diplomacy.

Mr. Pompeo reiterated the promise of the United States to bring to the people of north korea “a brighter future” if the power of Pyongyang renounces its nuclear arsenal.

“They must dénucléariser. They should do it in such a way that we can check it out. This is true regardless of the person who runs the North Korea,” repeated the secretary of State.

Mr. Pompeo has four times visited North Korea in 2018. He had then contributed to the organization of historic peaks between the president and Donald Trump and Mr. Kim, after more than a half-century of hostility between Pyongyang and Washington.

But hopes of a breakthrough would be reached before the u.s. presidential election next November is reduced. The missile tests controversial have been carried out by North Korea, and the United States have rejected requests to Pyongyang for a relief of sanctions against North Korea prior to denuclearization is complete.

Daily NK, an online media operated mainly by North Koreans who defected, said that Kim Jong had been operated on in April for cardiovascular problems and that he was convalescing.

The south Korean authorities have downplayed this information. A top official in south korea quoted by the news agency Yonhap said, under cover of anonymity, that it was “not true” that Kim Jong One is seriously ill.

The president, Trump has wanted to on Tuesday, “good luck” to Mr. Kim, noting the rumours about possible health problems had not been confirmed.

And the chief of staff, United States deputy, general John Hyten, said Wednesday that the Pentagon had no information to say that Kim Jong One would have lost control of the nuclear program of north korea.

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