Waszczykowski threatened Zelensky repetition 2014

Ващиковский пригрозил Зеленскому повторением 2014 года

The appointment is co-Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Association Ukraine – EU former Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski worried Kiev. After all, Waszczykowski remember the phrase “Bandera you will come,” said in July 2017, when Warsaw has threatened to veto Ukraine’s rapprochement with the EU, if Kiev will not give up the propaganda of polonophobia in the form of the cult of Bandera, Shukhevych and other leaders of the same spill.

Pan Waszczykowski, on the one hand, a supporter of Ukraine’s membership in EU and NATO, on the other – the enemy of the historical policy of Ukraine, expressed in the glorification of the OUN-UPA* and other collaborationist formations. Waszczykowski from now will largely depend on the dialogue between Kyiv and Brussels and its agenda.

The conclusion that this dialogue will be hard to make an interview Waszczykowski Ukrainian journalists, which he gave after his appointment. As an experienced diplomat, Waszczykowski was able to articulate and expectations of Brussels from the Ukrainian authorities, and veiled threats of the Ukrainian authorities in case of failure to meet these expectations.

Waszczykowski admitted against the wishes of Kiev and Warsaw Western Europe is not seeking to isolate Russia, and intends to deepen cooperation with it at the best for yourself areas. Talking primarily about France, Italy and Germany.

Berlin is implementing together with Russia large-scale energy project “Northern stream – 2”. Rome seeks rapprochement with Moscow for fear of falling under the dominance of the Franco-German duumvirate as the main ideological and economic driving force of the European community. Paris is the President of Macron during his speech to diplomats in August after the summit, the leaders of the group of seven announced and is the global forecast of the inevitability of interaction between Europe and Russia in the name of stability of Europe itself.

The performance of the Macron called sensational. In brief its essence is as follows. Hegemony of the West is on the wane. By 2035, the impact of the United States in world politics will decline significantly. Growing influence of countries such as China, Russia, India. France should play the role of power balance and preserving allied relations with the United States are not considered enemies of their allies their enemies.

“To push Russia out of Europe – a major strategic error… you Need to create a new architecture of confidence-and security in Europe. The European continent will never be stable and safe if we will not achieve the peace and predictability in relations with Russia… We need a dialogue with Russia”, – stated the French President.

Makron has witnessed changes in the global geopolitical paradigm, characterized by the monopoly of the West, and urged the French diplomacy to prepare for these changes. On the background of the coming of tremendous changes naive political dreams of Kiev’s membership in the European Union and the endless anti-Russian sanctions – the squeak of a mosquito.

Ukrainian politics is struck by mental retardation, small-town narrow-mindedness and inability to think the future, at least for the next 10-20 years. Instead to cooperate both with the EU and with the Eurasian economic Union, the Ukrainian authorities rely on one-sided European integration, which Ukraine has become synonymous with unilateral rupture of trade and economic and human ties with Russia.

The Association with the EU destroys the Ukrainian economy, and it is an indisputable fact. European quotas for the supply of agricultural products Ukraine is exhausting for a small period of time. To increase the export of products of Ukrainian heavy industry is not obtained due to restrictions imposed by the Europeans. Ukraine “eurointegrators” for the fifth year, and industrial bezviz (agreement on conformity assessment of industrial products of ASIA) as was a dream, so it remains. Europe is not going to break in front of Ukraine’s markets in response to Kiev wide-open door for European companies. From the outset it was clear that “integration” is a one-sided game, it was enough to look at the neighbor, Moldova, which “eurointegrators” ten years, but during this period, has achieved only the status of the poorest countries in Europe. Now the same we reached the bottom and Ukraine. But if in Moldova the part of the politicians understand the fatal choice exclusively European way (and this, note, given the enormous impact of Romania, wishing sooner or later to absorb the Moldovan territory), in the Ukraine with enviable persistence to follow the course “Away from Moscow”, without looking at the desires of most of the population and not thinking about the future of the country.

The head of the group foreign service of the EU cooperation with Eastern partnership countries Luke Devine said in Kiev: “do Not think that ASIA will solve all your problems. EU the signing of ACAA Ukraine has never promised.”

Europe pushed Ukraine into a confrontation with Russia, the devastating whirlwind of anti-Russian sanctions, but Mr. Waszczykowski lays the blame on the Ukraine: “the Implementation of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU should lead to an improvement in the Ukrainian economy. When we hear that this effect is insufficient, you have to wonder: why? Maybe because insufficient conducted by Ukraine’s justice reform? The business is waiting for the rule of law and stability of this right.”

On the liberalization of trade regulations between the EU and Ukraine co-chair of the Parliamentary Committee of the Association Ukraine – EU talks in the future tense and the conditional tense: could be, if… And refers to France, which in order to protect their own production is strongly opposed to increasing the quota on import of products from countries outside the European Union. A similar position and that of Germany, whose economy is dependent on exports.

Ukraine imposed restrictions on trade with the EU Waszczykowski believes justified and cites the revision of quotas on the import into the EU of chicken meat: “Ukraine has blocked the European Union chicken meat, it threatened the existence of European producers, Ukraine needs to approach this carefully, realizing that in Europe, too, has its own interests”.

To get out of this rut Kiev is now easy. European partners do not allow. The split within Europe on supporters of the geopolitical subjectness of the continent (Germany, France, Italy, Hungary) and its complete dependence on the USA (Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) no longer a secret. Ukraine is under the influence of the second group, which behind the scenes puppeteers Americans.

Waszczykowski has made it clear that in the case of Kiev’s attempts to change the political course the West is organizing another round of bloodshed as it was in 2014. To the question “is There any chance of rejection of Ukraine’s Pro-European course of the President Zelensky?” he replied: “I see no reason for this…He understands that otherwise the situation could repeat 2014, when Yanukovych abandoned the European path, and the Ukrainians would not accept it”.

However, without the support of the West, including Pro-American bloc in Europe, the coup in 2014 would have never happened.

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