Watch the difference of the first and second draft budget

After all, the second reading being rewritten in favor of strong groups

Of special interest are also the differences between the draft budget in the first and second readings, because the draft budget second reading is rewritten according to the demands of the most powerful groups and institutions, of course, at the expense of the weaker. Differences between the draft budget in the first and second readings are the most accurate marker of the priorities of the state.

So, a leader in the increase in the budget in the second reading with respect to the first steel, first, the “Department of war”: the security service (126%), Gur (125%), SVR (115%), defense (114,6%) and MIA (110,8%); and, secondly, “resource”, korruptsiei agencies: Ministry of Infrastructure (125,6%) and energy (118,5%). It is worth noting the increase of funds allocated to the Ministry of youth and sports (125%). The leader of the cost reduction was the economy and the social sphere: the Ministry of agrarian policy (80,2%), Minzhkh (88,8%) and the Ministry of health (90,8%).

There is one big problem – the presentation and the text of the budget on Parliament differ in numbers of billions of hryvnia. Whether this is an error in the Humanities, or attempt to embellish reality – show only the text of the Law of Ukraine “On State Budget for 2020”, after acceptance)).

In General, analyzing the budget of Ukraine for 2020 and comparing it with the budget for 2013, one can clearly see the priorities of the new government is defense and infrastructure and agriculture that can be considered part of one cycle: the creation of conditions of roads, ports, etc. for export of agricultural products from the country.

The project budget for 2020 is not the answer to how the government intends to implement its own programme of action. Spending on education and social services in 2020 relative to 2019 is almost not increased (in fact, indexed only to inflation), and therefore to talk about a certain breakthrough is obviously not necessary. Key sectors of the economy apparently will continue to be the agricultural sector. Thus the question remains of how the creation of a land market will help to spur the growth of the Ukrainian economy: there are no revenue projections from the sale of the land reform, there is no understanding exactly how the creation of a land market will affect the GDP growth of the country.

And again. Based on the budget of Ukraine for 2020 economic priorities of the new government are:

Return debt (438 bln.-37% of budget revenues) + ‘ll take a new one with more than 340 billion UAH.

War and security (MOI, PGO, SBU, GBR…) (273 bln. – 20%; security officials added on 28 billion UAH. between the first and second readings). At the same time, the Ministry of defence of the budget will get only 43% – less than half.

These 2 articles was about 60% of all Budget expenditures in 2020!!!

The balance is funded by the state apparatus, social services, spot repairs to the infrastructure and minimal support for agriculture (it is necessary to create conditions for export of agricultural products from the country).

Only for inflation, rising incomes (but not all, teachers is not enough!), reduced subsidies do not reduce tariffs, there is no point of economic growth ….
Ruslan Bortnik

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