Waterpot in the river will remove debris

Вотербот в реке мусор уберет

Waterpot in the river will remove debris
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8-year-old Yang Zavarov was the mastermind behind the eco-project. Photo: iz.com.ua

Special robot that will help improve the ecological condition of water resources, designed young inventors from Zaporozhye.

The idea is to make a “collector” of plastic bottles and other debris from the surface of the Dnieper river came up 8-year-old Zaporozhets Jan Haviarova the environmental forum where he visited with his older “colleagues” from the school of robotics Smartkids. Some developments in this area already had a boy designed robots that moved around the Desk and raised details. But here the task is more difficult: physics and need to know, and the basics of programming. However, despite the fact that the school to

study of physics the boy is still far away, he studies her videos on YouTube.

– Mechanical and electronic parts Yan picked up, – told “KP” in Ukraine,” the mother of the young inventor and the head of public organization “Ecosense” Tatiana Haviarova. – Children under two leaders helped assemble the robot, who was named waterbottom. Now it is a prototype, a trial version, which they in the future want to improve. In particular, the robot will not only collect the trash but also to monitor water quality, conduct its analysis on the suitability for swimming.

Вотербот в реке мусор уберет

His first trial swim waterbot held perfectly. Photo: iz.com.ua

14-year-old Nazar macko, another developer waterbot, says: after the test I want to add to his invention of more power. While the robot may be in the water for about half an hour and “float” of about 40 meters.

But the advantage of radio controlled robot is that it can collect more debris – about 4 pounds! In addition, details for it can be easily found in any garage. Battery borrowed from the computer bespereboynik, control system – electronic toys. As the engine is the water-pumps from cars. There are also bottles that are embedded in the catamaran system.

Both designs guys plan to improve: to waterbody stayed longer in the water, swim over longer distances, was developed in the right direction and not get entangled in the algae.

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