Wave of denunciations: Silence palpable after Blanchet is referred to

Vague de dénonciations: Silence palpable après que Blanchet soit visé

OTTAWA | The radio silence reigned in the ranks bloquistes, Wednesday, during the wave of accusation of assault and sexual misconduct happait the full force of the head Yves-François Blanchet.

The leader of the Bloc québécois “denies unequivocally” to claims made anonymously on Facebook that he would have kissed a woman without her consent and would have encouraged her to have sex with him.

This is the response that has offered its press officer, Carolane Landry, and behind which are arranged several mps contacted by the parliamentary bureau in Ottawa.

“[Mr. Blanchet] invites the person who published the allegations of a complaint to the competent authorities. The leader of the Bloc Québécois always want justice to be challenged in order to protect real victims of criminal acts,” said Mrs. Landry said that the ex-parti québécois intends to continue his professional activities.

Only the mp Louis Plamondon, the dean of the House of commons, commented that as elected official to say that he has “full confidence” in the declaration of his chief.

Mr. Blanchet, who was manager of the singer Éric Lapointe at the time of the alleged offences, found himself in the middle of the wave of denunciations that blow on the Quebec for a few weeks.

In a publication on Facebook that appeared Tuesday evening on the page entitled ” Hyenas in petticoats, a woman says that she would have been taken aside by the one she calls first YF in an evening of festivities, on the sidelines of the launch of an album of the singer Isabelle Boulay at the end of the 90’s.

“I picked it up, after a moment, in the toilet with YF, alleged the woman. He invited me to do the coke. Once in the bathroom, he wanted a sexual relationship in exchange for his coke. I said, “No!” He insisted. I continued to say “No!” He was against the door, kissed me without my consent, lifted my skirt up.”

“He touched, everywhere, begging me to at least give him a blow job,” wrote one also in the publication.

Note that these claims have been the subject of any evidence before a court. Mr. Blanchet had no public activity in its agenda, Wednesday, and Éric Lapointe and did not want to comment, according to a spokesperson.

The wife of Mr. Blanchet, after being apprehended by TVA Nouvelles in Shawinigan, merely stating that she had confidence in her husband.

The political reactions have also been few in number. Most commented the movement of denunciations in the broad sense, and a good number have been cautious, as the first quebec minister François Legault.

The mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, for his part, blasted an arrow against those who criticize harshly the throwing of the allegations via the social networks.

“It is true that there may be blunders, but I think that we should listen to the ras-le-bol and the helplessness of the women who surround us […] and men also the face of a certain trivialization of these attacks-there, big or small”, she said.

– With Raymond Filion, TVA Nouvelles, Cédric Bélanger and Guillaume St-Pierre, “Journal de Québec”

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