Wave of denunciations : “the phone is ringing a lot”

Vague de dénonciations : «le téléphone sonne énormément»

The president of the Union des artistes (UDA), Sophie Prégent, seen it all : the union receives a lot of calls in the wake of the denunciations against sexual misconduct.

“Yes, there are plenty of people who call the union currently. The phone is ringing so much,” she points out.

After the appearance of the movement #metoo, the UDA, in collaboration with Juripop, had set on foot an Aside, an entity dedicated to assist people experiencing harassment or violence in a cultural milieu.

Although the president of the UDA could not confirm the call rate of the Call, she maintains, however, that the phone rings “more than usual”.

For Sophie Prégent, this wave of denunciation demonstrates a desire for change.

“Me, I feel that it was like a too-full that it has to be so and that it rocks to do something else, go elsewhere, but to finally grow up a little and move in there”, she says.

It is also in agreement that things need to change.

“It’s been collateral victims everywhere and it is terrible, but there was something to hear that is important : it is the ras-le-bol, the point of nausea. It must be understood. It is necessary that the more things change”, she says.

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