Wax the beast: Varum criticized the cover with your picture for photoshop

Восковое чудовище: Варум раскритиковала обложку со своим снимком из-за фотошопа

Singer Angelica Varum was unhappy with his photo on the cover of a glossy magazine. According to her, her face is too much “photoshopped”, according to argumenti.ru.

“Seeing the cover, I was upset. I do not understand how quite a cute live photos, when printed, it turns out such a terrible wax monster without age and without any hint of emotion?! What a trend – living people to turn into “dead”?”, – wrote Varum in your Instagram account.

She noted that it is not against the delicate retouching, but it is impossible to completely erase a person, putting it under the roller of a ruthless photoshop.

In turn, the singer apologized to the creative team of the magazine for the outburst, but at the same time noticed that it was necessary to speak about this situation.

Meanwhile, subscribers Varum wrote that she looks beautiful and no matter what, a beautiful woman. “Angelica, even in this photo you beautiful”, “I like,” commented followers.

Recall that in 2018, the husband of Angelika Varum Leonid Agutin published a photo of his wife in shorts. Internet users immediately began to bombard the singer with compliments. So, one of the fans of the pair called her a gorgeous woman.