Wayne Gretzky is concerned for his father

Wayne Gretzky s’inquiète pour son père

Wayne Gretzky has indicated that he is worried about the health of his father, Walter, 81 years old and struggling with Parkinson’s disease, because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Invited to the podcast “Writers Block” of the network, Sportsnet, on Tuesday, the most prolific scorer in the history of the national hockey League (NHL) has indicated that the situation of his father was his priority.

“This is our biggest concern, obviously, as anyone who has older parents and parents who are already struggling against diseases, said as he was nicknamed, the Wonder. My sister the monitors and my brothers also. They have just about locked up the house and we try to keep it safe, like all the other elderly people in the world and in Canada.”

Wayne himself may not, however, help his family, since he is currently in confinement at his home in California. However, his dad lives in Ontario.

“We try to do our part, he explained. Our community is practically in confinement complete, in addition to the displacements to obtain the essential things, but everything else is closed. We must all do our part and, hopefully, all these efforts will help to rid us of this pandemic.”

“It is a strange feeling. Obviously, this is something that no one saw coming and that our generation has never seen before,” he added about the pandemic.

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