Wayne Gretzky was thought that the Canadian was abandoned in 1993

Wayne Gretzky pensait que le Canadien avait abandonné en 1993

A few hours before the second game of the Stanley cup final in 1993, Wayne Gretzky believed that the victory was in the pocket.

“The Wonder” was convinced that the Montreal canadiens had abandoned. This is what Gretzky told the network Sportsnet.

“We won the first game. During the day’s second matchup, Jacques Demers did not have to drive, remember the one who wore the uniform of the Los Angeles Kings. I remember telling myself, because I’m old school, how can you not take training? They were so rested and ready for the second game. We were exhausted physically and mentally before the third period of this duel. It was difficult for us.”

“I remember to have thought : “I can’t believe that Demers did not have to drive.” I told myself that they had abandoned. It was my first thought and I was wrong completely,” said Gretzky.

During this famous second game, the Habs tied it up at the end of the third period and won in overtime. Training quebec no longer has lost a match thereafter.

The network, TVA Sports presents the fifth and final duel of the series on Saturday night.

Not the best team?

Before facing the canadiens, Gretzky and his teammates, the Kings had defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in seven games in the previous round.

The famous number 99 think it is the formation of the Queen City that would have had to lift the precious trophy.

“The Toronto Maple Leafs were probably a better hockey team than we are, he said. Montreal deserved to win the Stanley cup because they were better than the Los Angeles Kings. I say this seriously and the people of Montreal will not agree, but Toronto would probably have been able to win the Stanley cup.”

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