“We are far from the spirit of innovation promised during the campaign”

    “We are far from the spirit of innovation promised during the campaign”

    François-Marie Didier, adviser (LR) of Paris (20th) and adviser of the metropolis of Greater Paris, believes that the spirit of innovation displayed during the campaign by the mayor of Paris is not present today ‘ hui.

    What were for you the stakes of the last council of Paris which was held from December 15 to 17?

    François-Marie Didier, with Agnès Evren. © Jgp

    The subjects of this last Paris council of the year were particularly numerous but this council was especially marked by the vote of the 2021 budget. The first of the new mandate. A budget totally disconnected from reality and which ignores the effects of the health crisis. This is what we denounced with the members of the group “Changer Paris”. The city’s debt will have doubled between 2013 and 2021 to reach an unbearable level of more than 7 billion euros. Let us not forget that today’s debt will be tomorrow’s taxes! But what struck me the most during this advice and the previous ones, is that Madame Hidalgo and her team ultimately present very few projects. We are far from the spirit of innovation promised during the campaign. I am therefore very worried about my city and my district, which I try to defend as soon as the opportunity is given to me.

    Precisely, you insisted on the problems of circulation in the 20th district during this advice. Why ?

    For several years, the town hall of Paris has continued to congest the city. In the 20th arrondissement, the decisions taken in terms of traffic have had disastrous effects for the inhabitants and traders with the making of rue de Belleville one-way, the redevelopment of Place Gambetta that the new mayor of the 20th arrondissement himself criticized during the last municipal campaign, and recently, the one-way street of an essential artery in eastern Paris, avenue Gambetta. The City of Paris had however refused, in 2017, this one-way street within the framework of a participatory budget project by putting forward the technical and regulatory arguments of the City services. I do not understand this turnaround. And it is the inhabitants and traders of the 20th district who, today, are the first victims of these bad decisions.

    You are one of the newly elected representatives of the Greater Paris Metropolis, what do you think is the right scale to build a mobility plan?

    I was elected alongside Rachida Dati, in Paris and in the metropolis of Greater Paris. I share his fluid and organized mobility project for Paris, the Metropolis and Ile-de-France. In terms of mobility, the Metropolis has set up the ZFE. This is obviously going in the right direction. What is needed is a comprehensive mobility plan. This comprehensive plan, of course I am calling for. And given the many Ile-de-France residents who work in Paris, it seems to me that we should think about the scale of Ile-de-France.

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