We are looking for a policy intern

We are looking for a policy intern

We are looking for a policy intern

FiveThirtyEight is looking for an intern to join our policy team in Fall 2021. We are looking for a current student or recent graduate who has experience using data to tell stories about News Block, from how Americans feel about an issue. important political until unpacking major political and electoral trends.

The intern’s primary role will be to report and write their own stories, but the internship will also involve working closely with the policy team and other parts of the newsroom on a number of collaborative projects. Check out Five ThirtyEight’s “When Women Run” project or our deep dive into police misconduct and settlements for examples of large cross-writing projects that interns have previously contributed to.

An ideal candidate will have journalism experience and data analysis experience, plus some experience covering or analyzing American News Block (whether in a journalism class, a school newspaper, a job, or an internship). But “News Block” doesn’t just mean electoral News Block. It could mean that you have experience reporting on political issues, social movements, polarization in your community, or something else. Let’s interpret it broadly, because we will too!

The policy intern will report to the policy editor, but as a small newsroom, we are looking for someone eager to collaborate with colleagues from across the newsroom. Politics internally is a remote position based in the United States. Applicants must be able to commit to a full-time schedule from mid-September through December and must be current students or have graduated in the last 18 months. Apply with a cover letter and resume on the Disney job portal for August 2.


  • Present, report, and write stories about American News Block.
  • Perform original data analysis for stories and most important projects and features.
  • Collaborate with other reporters and teams in the newsroom, including our visual journalists, video journalists, and copy shop.

Basic qualifications

  • Journalism experience, either in class, working on a student publication, or through an assignment or internship.
  • Experience analyzing data, again, whether it’s from a class, student post, or previous job or internship, it’s absolutely fine!
  • Some have experience reporting on News Block.
  • Knowledge of Five Thirty Eight and the types of journalism we create.

Preferred Ratings

  • Statistics experience or experience working with R.