WE Charity has been paid 1.18 million $ by the Trudeau government

WE Charity a été payé 1,18 million $ par le gouvernement Trudeau

WE Charity has been paid,$ 1.18 Million by the federal government to organize an event in Ottawa in 2017, during which the mother of Justin Trudeau made a speech.

The organization has been asked to organize this event by prime minister Trudeau and Canadian Heritage, according to an internal memo of WE Charity obtained by the National Post.

The event is billed as ‘a celebration of Canada’s future” on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the country was organized on July 2, 2017, on Parliament hill. Margaret Trudeau spoke about mental health, as it has done in the other WE DAY.

“I am so proud to be Canadian, and I am so proud to be a part of WE also”, she had launched entering on stage.

“I love WE because it is neither a political movement nor a religious movement”, she continued.

WE Charity was reported last week to have paid$ 312,000 in seal 28 appearances of Margaret Trudeau, between 2016 and 2020.

A spokesperson for Justin Trudeau, Ann-Clara Vaillancourt told the Newspaper that “the prime minister and his cabinet were not aware of payments made to the participants of the event.”

Not surprised

In his mea culpa on Monday, Justin Trudeau said that he did not know exactly how much his mother and brother had been paid by WE Charity, but that he was not surprised by this, as they acted as “professionals”.

“My brother and my mother have worked as professional speakers. I knew that they had worked with various organizations including the organization KINGDOM [WE]. I didn’t know how much they had been paid by these agencies, but I would have had to know and I regret it”, he said.

Other ministers

The cabinet of Mélanie Joly, who was heritage minister in 2017, provides that “the minister Joly has never participated or attended a number of events of WE Charity (or Free the Children), she has never received compensation from, and has no connection with the organization”.

By contrast, several other liberal ministers have participated in events organised by the agency.

The offices of the ministers Joyce Murray, Carla Qualtrough, Marc Garneau and Karina Gould have all indicated to the Newspaper that these elected officials had been invited by WE over the years WE Days.

Carla Qualtrough and Marc Garneau have both made speeches to talk of sport and adventure in space. None has been paid.

As indicated in an advertisement of WE Charity : “You never know who you’ll be able to see WE Day”.

Last week, we learned that the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, also family links with WE Charity.


The council of ministers is under the magnifying glass since the government has granted, without tender, to a contract with a value of$ 19.5 Million to WE Charity to manage and distribute$ 900 Million in federal grants for the volunteer student.

Although the contract between the organization and the State has been canceled, the case has triggered an investigation by the commissioner of conflict of interest and ethics.

This is the third time that Justin Trudeau is affected by this type of audit, a never-before-seen in the history of the country.

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