WE Charity : lobbying illegal?

WE Charity : lobbying illégal?

*UPDATE* The minister of Finance Bill Morneau said Friday that he agrees to appear before a parliamentary committee which is examining the case WE Charity, but the date remains to be determined.

The conservatives are calling for an investigation of the commissioner of lobbying in the case of WE Charity.

The query relies on the testimony heard yesterday in the finance committee.

During these interviews, it was learned that the founder of WE Charity, Craig Kielburger, had been in direct contact with the ministers before the officials do not begin to create the program of federal grants for the volunteer student.

“They (WE Charity) had already been provided to several officials and ministers with a proposal on entrepreneurship for young people and had indicated that this proposal could be adapted,” said Rachel Wernick, senior assistant deputy minister at Employment and social Development.

The official explained that this is what motivated him to contact Mr. Kielburger, when the government has asked his team to build emergency programme to help unemployed young summer due to the pandemic.

However, no activity of lobbying from of WE Charity or Mr Kielburger is registered in the register of lobbying in this folder, indicate the conservative mps Pierre Poilievre and Michael Barrett.

The prime minister and the Finance minister are already the subject of an investigation by the ethics commissioner in this folder that the liberals now call “pseudo scandal ethics”.

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