We did love to the husband every day for years, and this is what came of it ..

Three years ago I had an intimate relationship every day throughout the year.

Ми займалися з чоловіком коханням кожен день протягом року, і ось що з цього вийшло ..

Anticipating the question, I will answer: no, I have not had 365 men. But there was one. My husband. So, we had sex, even when I was “these days”. I have no idea what he did my children in a time when we made love. I hope they’re not spying on us. And no, I didn’t do it to save our marriage. I did it to save himself, reports Rus.Media.

After our third child was born I remember came out of the shower, looked in the mirror and wondered, “What is my mom doing here?”. Since I did not go before her husband naked. During sex, I turned off the light. I hid my stomach and chest in shapeless clothes and waited for the man to leave the room to get out of the shower and dressed.

With the years I started to worry. Interestingly, I remember when Andy, my husband how I looked naked?

After talking with a friend and after hearing her experience, I decided to also start practicing sex every day.

A friend inspired me. They have a great relationship with my husband, and since the wedding every day they have sex.

Sex every day seemed something tedious, but at the same time I was intrigued. I was interested to see your body every day. This meant that now there are no blankets in sex and no off light. This meant that sex is now spontaneous, in any place and at any time.

Andy was agree with this idea

It all started not very. I was standing near the sink and wore contact lenses when… until now I have had sex just before bedtime, when all the children are asleep. By evening I was so tired that I wanted only to lie down and watch the show, eat popcorn, and that nobody touched me.

As the months passed, and I was looking forward to this moment. Sex has become more like the sex that happened anywhere: in the bathroom, in the pantry, in the garage. Our relationship had more romance. We were kissing and holding hands. Our relationship became closer and we began to trust each other.

I’m not ashamed of my body

After 3 months I noticed that he became more confident. I really fell in love with making love. I even made a list of favorite songs that put me in the mood.

After 6 months I stopped wearing baggy clothes. I tried to find the right angle to hide my stomach. My body liked me and Andy.

After a year I stopped hiding from my husband. I could easily stand before him in the Nude, and I didn’t wish to cover the stomach, chest and other parts of the body. I didn’t flinch when Andy suddenly came up behind me and hugged around his waist. I was surprised how different my relationship with my husband has changed my attitude to myself.

Now, three years later, we continue to make love daily

I was joking.

We don’t have sex every day. We are people, not robots. But we are still reaping the fruits of that experiment.

First, we understand that it is difficult to have sex every day, and that’s fine. We have work, business, kids, lots of responsibilities. It’s hard to write love in a tight schedule. We are not roommates, we need to provide a decent life for our children.

Ми займалися з чоловіком коханням кожен день протягом року, і ось що з цього вийшло ..

Second, we have found the perfect balance and know how much sex we need both.

I’m not worried that we may not have sex 2 weeks in a row. But we have other ways of communicating.

Finally, I realized that I’m a good mother, a good wife and a beautiful woman, so can’t just think about your pleasure and your feelings.

Daily sex with her husband does not automatically make our marriage unbreakable. It will help me to be confident, if that happens.

I often joke that I would not like again to be at the stage meetings, because my body is absolutely not ready for this. I would like to marry Andy continued until the end of our days. Now I have no reason to fear, for my concept of desire has changed.

In relationships it is important to someone like you, to make you like themselves. To understand this, it took me a whole year.

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