“We have built a feudalism”, or a Lament for the American dream

"Мы построили феодализм", или Плач по американской мечте

© RIA Novosti / Vera GolosovaExorbitant concentration of wealth, erosion of the “bar of knowledge” and crushed, full of hatred of the middle class: it’s the same situation that led France and her other European revolutionary era in the late XVIII century. Now this is happening in America. So says Joel Kotkin, one of the brightest thinkers “trunovskogo” wing of US policy.
Next year will be published his book The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class, that is, “the Advent of neo-feudalism: preventing the global middle class”. Now, Kotkin has published standard in such cases, an article that, in fact, provides a succinct the content of this book. About the article talking about.Immediately have to warn the reader about two things. First the author writes more than just about America, but he describes the situation applies to the UK, and in General to the Western States.And second, his obsession with America is somewhat romantic in nature: it mourns the era when the United States was not “very poor”, unlike the still feudal Europe (this is the beginning of the XIX-th century), and other lovely time, until the 70-ies of the last century. When the American dream is called the “social mobility” — that is, the ability to go from the bottom and become part of the elite — something looked real. This romanticism of the author can lead into a reverie, for example, descendants of Indians, exterminated for the sake of that dream, but we will not be distracted by particular.
The concentration of wealth is not Kotkin was opened, although if you want a fresh and powerful figures on this subject, in his book they were collected, apparently in considerable quantities. For example: less than 100 billionaires now own 50 percent of the assets in the world, although only five years ago the same half of the world owned still 400 people, and so on.But an unexpected and interesting thoughts about the modern “first class”. Billionaires, they are the feudal lords in pre-revolutionary France called the second class, and first was considered the Church. Century after century the Catholic Church in Europe played the role of master of knowledge, meanings, simply literacy. The revolution happened not only when the hereditary lords have become too rich, and when in the former “humanitarian sphere” began a rebellion, disorder and other turbulent processes.And here’s Kotkin says: today’s “first class” is first of all a few companies-monopolists in the sphere of high information technologies. We created “high-takovy feudalism” and “oligarchy”, the dictates of a few giants that monopolize the markets and — interestingly — creating their “corporate culture”, that is, the ideology of the workers must be without children, be paid very moderately, and no social mobility for them. However, seven of the ten largest companies in the world sector, and then the only competitors in the “new feudal lords” is the Chinese people on their achievements.In General, the “new priestly class” — teachers, people in the entertainment industry, consultants, lawyers, doctors, scientists, the media and being in the pay of billionaires non-governmental foundations and charitable organizations. They constitute, according to some estimates, 15 percent of the American workforce. And this class, first, became hereditary and closed; secondly, we are talking about a maximum of 20 graduates of elite universities (and at the top it is only about four). Thirdly, the public — not the independent owners, it is often someone on the payroll.
And it produces a well-defined ideology for society. It is calculated that in 2018, only seven percent of journalists said that vote Republican. Same with University teachers: gradually, these positions captured the people just left, or “liberal” beliefs.The product of their collective activity, we should add an endless campaign of terror and hatred to destroy old culture, old values, style of life, the old society, most of the “American dream” — a society of independent people. And the “third estate”, not only crushed these “new priests”, it every year poorer, it is also physically reduced: this is evident, for example, to reduce the number of owners of your own home or apartment.Here I must say that Joel Kotkin is a very peculiar imagine a feudal society. It was kept for several centuries because, in fact, was quite vigorous, viable and social mobility it was plenty. However, for such required the constant war turning squires into knights and landowners. Not to mention the fact that the privileges of the “second”, the military class was in a permanent wartime, is understandable. And what says American philosopher, is the crisis of the feudal era, the expansion of the society in which warriors warriors be for the most part ceased, but only hoarded and squandered wealth.It was a long crisis, which — among other things — the once-unified Catholic Church deteriorated and led to a split in the Western Christian world, the result of the best ideas and values began to develop in the field… But anyway, what is happening today with Western civilization, it seems not the classic feudalism, but rather the collapse of the latter.
Joel Kotkin from your analysis does here what conclusions: “the third estate” must gather its forces and to organize a rebellion against the oligarchic system petrified and enraged “first class”. This uprising will be very helpful if to return the young generation of American values and traditions, deliberately destroyed the “bar of knowledge”. The fact that the author is a great idealist, has already been said. But, on the other hand, a rebellion in fact is already underway, and he Kotkin is part of him.Dmitry Kosyrev

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