We jumped and shouted “Cheers” veteran from Armenia told how he learned about the Victory


The ninth of may is a special day for millions of residents of the Commonwealth. Veterans of the great Patriotic war every year. Ashot Voskanyan of Armenia is now 93. To the front he went as a volunteer and came to Berlin. With the veteran met the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Nona Hovhannisyan.

Worn, but favorite in the wardrobe of jacket he wears with difficulty: the left hand is stationary. During the war Ashot Voskanyan was severely wounded.

“I wear this jacket only on holidays, and every year I go out in it to the parade,” – said the veteran.

On the lapel medals and awards – each award is linked to memories of battles and fallen comrades. To the front the volunteer Ashot Voskanyan went to 17 years.

“Vividly I remember how we walked from Shamshadin to war. The Chairman of the collective farm covered the big table to from home we left full. At dawn I Packed my things, went downstairs and called her grandmother, mother and sister, so I was not off and didn’t kiss so I’ll be back,” he said.

He served as an infantryman in the ranks of the Third Ukrainian front, and in 1945 came to Berlin.

“The news of the Victory I heard in the hospital. I got shot, hand is very swollen and very sore, but that didn’t stop me and other wounded children to jump and scream “Hooray”. One of the wounded lay and stared at the ceiling, then said, “Tomorrow I will die, but the important thing is that I heard the most important news in my life.” The next day he died,” remembered the veteran.

Together with Ashot returned from the war his father and brothers. But now he’s the eldest in the family – he has seven children, 20 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. For them he is a mentor and friend.

“Who will want to beat someone no. In backgammon taught me to play cards play. He has sparkling phrases such volatiles that are remembered, it’s just, here, say, and you remember. And they are helping you. Honest, good, sincere person, open to all, helps all completely”, – told the grandson of Tatul Ashot Keshishian.

In a large family of Ashot Voskanyan about the war do not speak. Here is the way: in life you have to watch with a smile.

Just went to the front 600 thousand Armenians. Almost half of them never returned home. Military decorations were awarded to nearly 67 thousand people.