“We keep our feet on the ground”

«On garde les pieds sur terre»

Even if a number of specialized media and betting sites place their film Brotherhood as one of the favorites to win Sunday, the Oscar for the best short film of fiction, the Quebec Meryam Joobeur, and Maria Gracia Turgeon keep the head cold a few days before the big night.

“Our press officer, we sometimes talk about (predictions), but we prefer not to think too much about it because no one can predict who will win, points out the director Meryam Joobeur, joined Thursday in Los Angeles.

It was decided not to read them because we didn’t want to stress too much with this, adds the producer Maria Gracia Turgeon. We prefer to say that there are beautiful things that happen, we are going to take in thinking that it is a great success, but without getting carried away by it. We don’t want to create too many expectations. ”

Arrivals to Los Angeles for the past ten days, the two young women 28 years of age and trying to savor every moment of this experience, even if their schedule is very busy. Wednesday evening, for example, they have participated in an event prégala during which all the short films nominated for Oscars this year (including their film Brotherhood) have been presented to several members of the Academy.

“We have a schedule filled with a lot of interviews and events with the other finalists, says Meryam Joobeur. But we still had a few days off. For my part, this is my first time to Los Angeles, so I took the opportunity to go visit some mythical places. ”

A big delegation

For this first experience at the Oscars, the montreal filmmaker of tunisian origin, has the chance to be able to rely on his accomplice, Maria Gracia Turgeon, who has had a similar adventure the past year. The producer quebec tramples on Sunday the red carpet at the Oscars for a second year in a row, since it has also been named in the past year for the short film Fawn of Jeremy Earl.

“As I already experienced in the past year, I knew a little more what to expect this year,” observes Maria Gracia Turgeon. An Oscar nomination, it is a lot of organization with the booking of airline tickets, hotel rooms and limousines — because that one is forced to arrive on the red carpet in a limousine ! This year, I was able to prepare things beforehand to be able to have some small moments of relaxation in the days leading up to the ceremony. ”

Meryam Joobeur, and Maria Gracia Turgeon only members will walk not the red carpet alone on Sunday evening. Not less than fourteen members of the team for their short film the Brotherhood have got a ticket for the ceremony : “It’s cool because it’s going to be from Quebec who worked on the film, but also actors and members of the film crew in Tunisia, says Meryam Joobeur. Some of them are going to meet for the first time at the end of the week, and it is the Oscars that it’s going to happen ! ”

♦ 92e academy awards will be held Sunday evening in Los Angeles.

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