We learned – No French Cup for France Televisions?

    We learned – No French Cup for France Televisions?

    We learned

    The main broadcaster of the Coupe de France is asking serious questions about a possible future retransmission.

    The current situation in French football in general, and the Coupe de France in particular, worries broadcasters. According to information that we have been able to verify internally, France Télévisions is now seriously questioning the real interest of broadcasting it this season. Very attached to the tradition and to the “storytelling” reserved for the exploits of small clubs against the big ones, the public channel is very worried about the good progress of the oldest of the French competitions, endangered by the Covid-19 pandemic. And it is not the solution adopted by the FFF to try to preserve it, namely matches between pros until the 32nd finals before crossing paths with surviving amateurs from the 16th, which can reassure her. France Télévisions has, at the present time, no information on the future of this 2020-21 edition of the Coupe de France, since the FFF does not have any itself, and even wonders if it will be able to conclude.

    France Télévisions does not want an ersatz Coupe de la Ligue

    Suddenly, she fears that amateur clubs will be excluded in an attempt to save what can be saved, and that only professional clubs can participate this year, a solution that cannot satisfy the public service: on the principle that it did not want to respond to the last call for tenders for the Coupe de la Ligue – wiped off the map in particular because France Televisions no longer wanted it and no other channel was positioned – this is not is not to get an ersatz this season! If the health situation does not allow amateurs to participate normally in the Coupe de France, there is a real possibility that Eurosport, historic co-broadcaster, will find itself alone in offering matches in the competition, France Télévisions passing its turn for this time.

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