“We lost the groom!”: 11 funny stories about stag parties

Before the wedding a arrange stag and hen parties, so the bride and groom said goodbye to his bachelor life. The degree of fun (and alcohol) and sometimes rolls over, and the fun begins…

«Ми втратили нареченого!»: 11 забавних історій з парубоцьких вечірок

“The terrible secret usually lies in the fact that the groom was blackout drunk and could hardly stand on his feet. If you are worried that he will do something horrible or unacceptable, most likely, he just will not be able to do this!” Luca, 29 years old, reports Rus.Media.

“We are a secret from the groom took the evening a small strip club. Actually in his case it was all very well, but the bride and her girlfriends somehow quite a long time for us to forgive,” mark, 28 years.

“The surprise party before the wedding — when the groom with a bunch of friends went out of town for the weekend, and many had small children, so half the time they just slept!” — Zhenya, 27.

“We went to a casino, and it certainly was not the best choice, because it squandered a lot of money. But no shenanigans wasn’t there!” — Gregory, 30 years.

“We lost the groom! Went outside from the bar, recalculated — it is not! Even the police called. It was in a small town, so they quickly found him wandering the streets. I had to remind them that it was his bachelor party, and to bring to life,” Igor, 27 years.

“The groom planned out a weekend that almost nobody remembered! Only that was really fun,” Boris, 25 years.

“The funny thing was, the sex of the witness with a stripper. Well, what, he’s lonely, why not?” — Andrew, 30 years.

“We spent that night in a strip club. The bride’s witness forbade him to go there. Don’t know how she knows, but rushed in and reprimanded him in front of everyone!” — Matthew, 28.

“During the celebration, the groom was a crisis called “I don’t want to get married.” It was awful! I especially was not his friend, but he was suffering and nobody could comfort him. I hope before my wedding so I will not do” — George, age 29.

“We was drunk, smashed a hotel room literally on the chips. We were evicted, fined, slept in the car,” Peter, 31.

“The groom got drunk, fell down the stairs, broke his leg. The wedding was celebrated in the cast. Overlooked”, — Vadim, 25 years old.

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