“We must go faster”, the Minister of Agriculture expands the mass slaughter of ducks

    “We must go faster”, the Minister of Agriculture expands the mass slaughter of ducks

    “We must go faster”, recognizes Julien Denormandie, invited this Friday morning on France Bleu Gascogne. “Until now, we had a crawl space 3 km around the homes. From these 3 km we will go to 5 km”, explains the Minister of Agriculture, who announces that 119 outbreaks of avian flu have been confirmed in the Landes. The measure will be implemented from this Friday morning. Julien from Normandy is expected this Friday in the department. He must meet the farmers of fatty ducks and poultry plagued by bird flu.

    “We have decided to requisition slaughterhouses to go faster”, he clarified. The minister recalled that since December 20, nearly 400,000 ducks have been slaughtered. There are currently 5 million farmed ducks in the South West of France.

    Listening to the testimony of Pascal Bernadet, breeder from Soort-en-Chalosse who saw his ducks decimated, and who denounces “slowness and dysfunctions”, Julien Denormandie defends himself: “It is clear that we hadn’t gone fast enough yet. […] More,” he emphasizes, “I made the decision to launch this massive depopulation when only nine farms were affected in the department”.

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    First installments next week

    “There will be compensation that relates to the market value of the ducks”, Julien Denormandie announces again. “These compensations will operate with a system of installments, the first of which will be paid as of next week to breeders”, details the minister, responding to a duck breeder from Doazit, who said to himself “at the end”, in need of “answers to know how to work”.

    Would a bird flu vaccine be a solution? “There are two difficulties: there is no approved vaccine, and these sectors export a lot “, believes Julien Denormandie. “A number of exporting countries refuse to buy vaccinated poultry” fearing that she “is a healthy carrier of the virus, and can infect poultry locally.”

    Until now, all animals from a farm contaminated with avian influenza were slaughtered, and preventive culls were targeted around confirmed outbreaks: for all susceptible species within a radius of 1 km, and for all palmipeds and others. unconfined poultry species, within a radius of 3 km.

    The director of Cifog, the interprofession of foie gras, estimated this Thursday the number of confirmed cases in France at “a hundred”. They are mainly located in farms in Landes, but also in Gers and Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

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