We must take as given: how to get free five parcels of land

Надо брать, пока дают: как бесплатно получить пять участков земли

For the construction of houses, cottages, garages, gardening and garden – Ukrainians have a right to privatize five parcels of land for different purposes. This ensures the Land code of Ukraine. Everything you need to be of legal age and have a passport Ukraine. To distribute land to the state will not be long. The government plans to make land a commodity. Therefore, the rate of free privatization does not fit the new model. Enter the sale of lands plan October 1, 2020. How much can you get a land Every Ukrainian can get free land, this right is spelled out in article 121 of the Land code of Ukraine, the citizen receives it at 18. In total it is possible to privatize of 2.28 hectares For maintaining personal agriculture can receive up to two hectares. For gardening – to 0,12 hectares For construction of residential houses for the village and the city there are different rules: if the village can qualify for 0,25 hectares, in villages – of 0.15 hectares, the city will provide a maximum of 0.1 ha 0.1 ha Still available for construction of villas and 0.01 hectares – under garage. One goal could be privatized free of charge just one. Is there the earth is someone from the family members doesn’t matter. But despite the existence of such a right, a lot of Ukrainians still did not use it. January 2018 for free privatized land only 9 459 454 people, according to a world Bank report. The fact is that getting land is not easy. The scope of free privatization of land remains one of the most corrupt, from local authorities and ending with Gosgeokadastr, warns lawyer in land law Andrew Grigorenko. “Not without litigation misconduct the relevant body managing the land,” says Grigorenko. However, try to get the land is worth. Until the projects on the launch of the market says nothing about the abolition of free privatization, but they provide free sale of the lands of state and communal ownership, says partner of law firm EQUITY Vyacheslav Kraglievich. This can greatly reduce the amount of “free” for the privatization of land. Where to go for the land and what to be prepared to Get a piece of land in any region of the country, regardless of place of residence. For its privatization need to find a free site. Depending on where it is located – within the city, village, or district – to the appropriate authorities and should be treated. If the land is outside the settlement, you need to go to the territorial office of Gosgeokadastr – usually of land for gardening or personal agriculture. Search for free area – the most difficult stage. An open list of lands that are free to privatize, in Ukraine. But the law stipulates that the person must find vacant land, and then contact the local authorities. If you apply without indicating a specific area, it is likely to reply that there is no free land, warns Ivan Granz, managing partner of “Granz and Partners.” To check if the land for a”Public cadastral map of Ukraine”. If the parcel has a parcel number and highlighted in blue, already belongs to someone. But the data card is not reliable 100% – and often outdated. Therefore, it is worth to compare the Google map in satellite mode to see if there is a building. If the site is found, make a screenshot and mark on the map the land that you want to get. The procedure for obtaining land, If a free area is found, it is possible to submit an application to the local authority – the village Council or city Council. If this land for personal gardening or agriculture, and it is outside of the settlement statement must be submitted to the General Directorate of the State service on geodesy, cartography and cadastre in the region. The statement should attach a map that pinpoints the location of the land – this can be a printout from Google maps with the marked area – a copy of passport and identification code. The decision of land allocation, local authorities should take in a month. With the consent of the village Council or city hall, you can start developing the project on land acquisition. This deals with the land management organization. Engineer zemleustroyu should determine the exact boundaries of the site, their geodetic coordinates and to draw up a cadastral plan. Further, the project of land allocation is necessary to coordinate the local authorities of urban planning and architecture and regional body geokadastr. This is usually responsible land management organization. Then the land can be registered. For this we need to go with the application for registration of land in the Center of administrative services or the territorial authority Gosgeokadastra. This stage also usually takes place the land use organization. An application for the registration area is considered 14 days. If all the documents are drafted correctly, the parcel register is an extract from the State cadastre of land with indication of the cadastral number. That’s not all. Next you need to file a petition for approval of the project land for allotment of land to the local authority. The petition must attach a copy of the approved draft and the extract from State land cadastre of land. And the last one. After approval of the project land and the receipt of the decision on free transfer of land ownership of land can be privatized. Statement on the privatization of the state Registrar is considering up to five working days and issue a statement. How much time and money it will take to free privatization of land under the law the whole process should take two to three months. In fact, for land could take years. “Overhead clearance provided free of charge land, my own experience is of six months or more. Thus, under the free privatization means that is free to obtain land, and the process of registration requires a financial and time cost”, – said the lawyer Andrei Grigorenko. Cash expenses will also have to incur. The services of a surveyor will cost from 3000 to 10000 UAH. The cost depends on whether the customer coordinate with the officials, or everyone will be doing land management organization. “I went all the way to getting the land received government guaranteed weave and I can say that it is possible, if hard to fight for their rights. Given announced the opening of a land market and the fact that available land is becoming less objectively, there is a possibility that such a right may be severely limited or even canceled. Those who have not exercised their right to land, should think about it and exercise your right before it’s too late”, – says Andrey Grigorenko.

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