“We regret that vote”: residents of the Russian Federation called Putin a traitor (VIDEO)

«Жалеем, что голосовали»: жители РФ назвали Путина предателем (ВИДЕО)

The Russians criticized the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for the decision of the authorities to raise pension age in Russia.

In the video posted on Twitter by journalist Michael Blue, a group of disgruntled citizens emotionally told about his attitude to the President.

“I want to appeal to Putin and say: Vladimir Vladimirovich, dear, no, because have already lost the full trust of the Russian people”, — said one of the women. “I’m sorry I voted,” added another. “He’s not our President. He’s just a traitor of the people”, — concluded the protesters.

In comments to the video also a lot of negative reviews about pension reform and Putin. Most of the users laughs with indignation of people who choose their President.

“Against Putin raised the rebellion?” “The electorate something to rastavica…” “I do not feel sorry”, “Wool in shock”, “too Late, guys,” said below the video.


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