“We should be together”: historic footage of the signing of the EAEU Treaty (VIDEO)


The Eurasian economic Union was five years old. History of the EAEC began 25 years ago. The walls of the Moscow state University the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev stated the need for the integration of former Soviet republics.

“More closely linked to economy, culture, education. Not to interrupt the good that was, when we were together. In all these matters we should be together, because it’s good for every people, it enriches every nation. Because of the convergence of the economies, spiritual rapprochement, rapprochement of cultures and education grows the calm that today is very necessary for all trust each other”, – noted Nazarbayev.

Exactly five years ago, on may 29, 2014, in the capital of Kazakhstan signed the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union.

The first agreement on the Eurasian economic Union signed by Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. They were later joined by Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Today the Eurasian economic Union is the largest economic area in the world. Is 14% of Earth’s land. The population of the five – more than 180 million people.