“We should not keep Christmas”, says Professor Deray

    “We should not keep Christmas”, says Professor Deray

    Asking people to self-confine for a week before Christmas is unrealistic and it would have been simpler and more effective to cancel this holiday as it was on New Years Eve, the professor believes. Gilbert Deray, of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. “When we align half-measures, we no longer have any measures at all. We removed New Year’s Day and left Christmas, all this creates disorder,” said the guest RTL Midi on Tuesday, December 15 .

    The government recommends self-confinement seven days before December 24, especially if you have to spend Christmas in the company of people at risk, and as such Jean Castex even asked parents not to take their children at school on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th. “It’s good, especially if you get tested afterwards, but how many will do it ?” s’interroge Gilbert Deray.

    “It is impractical and we pay for not having said that Christmas had to be ‘canceled’. This courage was needed, “he regrets. He now fears that travel between regions and the possibility for families to find each other will cause the number of contaminations to rise again.

    “Still a long way”

    “The message we have to get across is that we paid dearly with 60,000 deaths in France, but that we see the end of the crisis with the vaccine. It will take six to nine months, of course, but within a few weeks, when the people most at risk will be vaccinated, we will be able to gradually lift the measures “.

    “Yes, it’s hard, but the courage is to say that we still have a long way to go, we must hold on and we will get out of this crisis“, he concludes with optimism.

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