“We teach independence, food at own expense”. The U.S. is losing faith in the color revolutions

"Учим майданить, еда за свой счет". США теряют веру в цветные революции

© RIA Novosti / Ilya PitalevIn the Moldovan capital, recently hosted a conference СамрСамр2019, organized by the civil center of Prague (Prague Civil Society Centre, PCSC).
Around the world every day there are hundreds of social-humanitarian activities under the auspices of the countless non-governmental organizations, from public readings at the local library for the anniversary of the classic to grandiose conventions of “big Pharma” for their clientele. At first glance, СамрСамр2019 is not allocated among them, nothing special. As follows from the description of the organizers, the conference was a “four days of lectures, discussions, creative experiments and workshops in which activists and professionals in the field of marketing, advertising and media are looking for real ways to make the world better.”However, dig a bit deeper, and reveal fascinating details of the past event. For example, only some of the themes from his busy schedule:— “Holidays at the barricades. One hundred days of protest which changed Georgia”; “the End of boring protests! The Center for Artistic Activism (new York), and the contemporary arts Center (Skopje) on creative civil actions around the world”;— “#dolgosrochnye of cardboard. Ana-Maria Popa and Andrei Lutenco from the “Occupy Guguta” about the street protests in Chisinau”; “the End of boring protests: how to create creative campaigns that work”; “When human rights activists meet with creative professionals. The Experience Of Turkey”.Yes, you understood correctly. СамрСамр2019 is an event for training and exchange of experience of professionals of color revolutions, specifically the professionals in charge of the creative side of the process.Most of those who come up with names (“rose revolution”, “Tulip revolution”, the Euromaidan movement “White ribbon”), the characters (although I must admit that the graphic image of the fist throw up because of too frequent use was frankly boring) and hashtags for social networks (#dolgosrochnye, of course, will not do). They create sentimental photo shoot, then flying through the pages of the world media: a charming girl, sitting with a book on the pavement, on the background of the closed down law enforcement officers in full gear; the kiss of lovers — in the same surroundings; an intelligent young man playing the piano/violin/guitar among the defeated quarter; touching an elderly couple in a nice little enameled pots on their heads.However, only the listing shows, how difficult the time has come for professional color revolutionaries. More recently, the almost infallible in its efficacy technology jams more often, and most annoying, it happens in the most important cases. Key was sentenced to eliminating the system successfully learned to counter the threat, often using the same tools, such as social networks. In Hong Kong which month people are working — but no result! Besides, the General public is becoming more cynical, trudnoperevarimoy worse to be manipulated on the fly by recognizing techniques, used repeatedly.And the curators of the revolutionaries have not easier.Here and Prague civic centre, funded by the United States in the framework of the law “On combating the enemies of America through sanctions”, was forced to spend СамрСамр2019 in an atmosphere of such secrecy, though it is not a conference for creatives-creatives and instagram users-influencers, and field camp preparing operational managers, militants and snipers.
More than three hundred people from fifteen countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were gathered in Chisinau in a new conspiracy. On the forum website, not a single contact except for the email address “to be accredited”. The selection of participants and communication with them is strictly through social networks, because the profile from the social network allows you to check the applicant that he is who he says and will not penetrate under the guise of an opposition blogger, openminded liberal artist or marketer agent of Moscow (and other murderous regime). The specific location of the conference generally not publicized, and in the end, it was in a remote area of the Moldavian capital — instead of the usual for such events.All attempts of fellow journalists from the Satellite.Moldova to get to СамрСамр2019 was successfully thwarted by alert organizers, which, of course, could not allow the presence of mediaspace of the Kremlin on the forum dedicated to political transparency, freedom of information and overcoming communication barriers.But the most alarming signal for the fighters for the bright future, of course, emanates from the citadel of democracy: the United States openly losing faith in them and their perspectives, which is expressed in the most intelligible and painful form of the cuts in financial support.
In the case СамрСамр2019 is reflected in the fact, the participants themselves had to Fund his ownership, paying for travel, accommodation and meals — unthinkable until recently for any self-respecting grantee living on shtatovskih political Finance. However, the Prague centre has issued a number of grants on the road and provide everyone with lunch and coffee with cookies, but the rest is do-do.However, judging by the number of people izyskami has the necessary funds arrived in Chisinau, uncompromising struggle with the regime, being properly raised, it is able to be a successful business with decent profit margins. And the experience of the Russian opposition, regularly resting on abroad, hints at the same, and who cynically attributes this sweet life with a permanent collection of funds from supporters — the pest and barn Putin.I only hope that the chief invited “star” СамрСамр2019, the writer and ardent opponent of the Kremlin Linor Goralik read the participants a lecture on the merits and dangers of remortaging (it’s a special term for ads for women), the organizers still provided shelter, and were fed three times daily at the expense of the budget of the event.Irina Alksnis

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