WE: the NATO summit was a success

WE: саммит НАТО оказался успешным

Yes, the US President Donald trump and the President of France Emmanuel macron have exchanged sharp statements. And Yes, behind trump may have made quite a few harmless jokes at his address on the part of Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau). However, despite all the exaggerations of the press, which clearly suggests that this was the most successful in the history of the military Alliance dies, the NATO summit in London ended on Wednesday, December 4, was extremely successful.First, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has retracted his threats to block NATO plans to protect the Baltic States and Poland. Until Wednesday, 4 December, Erdogan threatened to boycott the plan in the case if the Alliance does not recognize the Kurdish people’s protection Units in Syria to be an actual ally in the fight against Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) — a terrorist organization. However, the President of Lithuania Gitanos Nausea (Gitanas Nauseda) reported that the representatives of the Baltic countries and Poland met with Erdogan and enlisted his support. It is a positive sign, indicating that, quite possibly, Turkey will reconsider their attitude to Vladimir Putin. In the end, the Russian leader is unlikely to appeal the decision of Erdogan to support the strategy of NATO in ensuring security in the Baltic States.Moreover, the agreement in this security strategy is in itself a huge achievement. The main threat to the security of NATO is a potential military offensive operation of Russia on the Baltic States through Belarus or Poland. Now that all 29 members of the NATO Alliance supported the plan to increase support for these countries — Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland conscientiously fulfill the Alliance’s goal of 2% of GDP, Russia will face a new deterrent. This does not mean that Russia is going to attack. It only means that the probability of such an attack requires the establishment of adequate forces to counter.Another achievement was the agreement of the allies to increase their defense spending. In this issue, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (Jens Stoltenberg) were allies trump, urging other members to achieve the goal of 2% of GDP as soon as possible. And the administration trump switched to a more conciliatory tone, which is quite a significant change. The Washington Post reports that this time the tramp “did not threaten other countries as it did during the previous NATO summits, as reported by the five diplomats and politicians of the countries — members of NATO.”That’s good news. Although trump is absolutely right in the fact that he publicly makes Alliance members to spend more on defense, and he has managed to achieve a significant increase of the budget, when the United States put into question the article 5 of the NATO Charter on mutual defense wins only Russia. Because this time the tramp did not resort to outright threats, it might leave the UK, rightly claiming that he insisted on the need to more equitably share the costs, but did so in the context of strengthening the unity of NATO, and not in the context of threats to allies.So do not pay attention to the headlines. Judging from what allies failed to agree, it was a very successful NATO summit.

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