“We want that Circus again in quebec,” said François Legault

«On veut que le Cirque redevienne québécois», dit François Legault

François Legault has suggested that Cirque du Soleil will soon change the owner, and that it will be quebec. The news could be announced in “the coming days”, has dropped out of the prime minister on Friday.

During a public visit in a sewing workshop, in the morning, the prime minister spoke with an employee layoff in the Circus.

“I don’t want to give the scoop, he whispered. We want that Circus again in quebec.”

“As they say in English, “Stay Tuned”! In the next few days, you should be happy,” added Mr. Legault.

Cirque du Soleil is currently owned in majority by foreign interests: the american hedge fund billionaire TPG (60 %), the chinese company Fosun (20 %) and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (20 %).

Complex financing

Called to comment on the words of François Legault, the minister of Culture has not wanted to give precision to the identity of a potential buyer from quebec.

“It is a financial package that is very complex, said Nathalie Roy, in an interview on LCN. When there will be a return to normal, the Circus, it is an identity, a brand, a québec know-how recognized at the international level.”

On Wednesday, TVA News reported that the ministry of Economy is willing to lend US $200 million to save the Circus, which carries a debt of more than $ 1 billion. The government could impose certain conditions, such as the maintenance of the headquarters and of the intellectual property in Quebec.

The conglomerate Quebecor has already occurred, at the beginning of the month, its interest in ensuring the sustainability of the flagship québec business.

Remember that 95% of the employees of the Circus have been laid off since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 and 44 performances of the organization are suspended until further notice.

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