We will be with you to fight against Russia. What else they teach Ukrainian officers in the US army

Мы будем вместе с вами воевать против России. Чему ещё учат украинских офицеров в армии США

© Semen Salatenko / facebookMain mediareport Ukrainian “hawks”, a site “Censor.No” published a large interview with the company commander of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade APU became Salatenko, last summer this year training at the U.S. army base at Fort Benning (Georgia). According to him, the Americans are quite subject-preparing for war – and with Russia.The interview starts with the story of Zalachenko. “I before the revolution (the”revolution of dignity” that is Euromaidan. — Ed.) and war (in the Donbass. — Ed.) was an extremist, outdoor extremist. I led not led, participated in a number of specific youth groups who have the goal of revolution in Ukraine, the national revolution and its preparation,” says Salatenko.

Мы будем вместе с вами воевать против России. Чему ещё учат украинских офицеров в армии США

© Semen Salatenko / facebookДалее the course of the story in the shot showing some of the preserved and published in Salatenko Facebook photos, one of which he is shown next to the banner of the nationalist Youth Congress, youth wing of the Bandera faction of Organization of Ukrainian nationalists, on the other — in a camouflage with a Chevron of the UNA-UNSO*. In the comments to the last photo in Facebook of Salatenko says that it is made in 2004. It is worth noting that Zalachenko born in 1983, so then he was 21, he looks in the photo very young.

Of the oldest regional publications in the Ukrainian media, you can also see that in 2005, 2006, Salatenko headed the city branch of the “orange” party “Pora” in his native Sumy, twice, in 2005 and 2006, he was elected from it to the Verkhovna Rada (both times unsuccessfully). After that, his party career is over, but the political is continued in the format of preparations for a future war with Russia, which the UNA-UNSO, according to numerous testimonies, has been actively engaged since 2005.

In the spring of 2014 as Salatenko says, “our (regional. — Ed.) the organization was one of those in the first wave of mobilization was delivering subpoenas because the military did not actually work”. Soon he went to the front, first as a volunteer, and in August 2014 joined the volunteer battalion MIA “Dnepr-1” and is composed of a first fought at Mariupol and then on the hot part of the front in the village of Sands near Donetsk airport. In the fall of 2015 during local elections, Salatenko was elected Deputy of the Sumy regional Council, but a year later returned to the front, this time in the composition of the mountain infantry brigade of the APU.

Мы будем вместе с вами воевать против России. Чему ещё учат украинских офицеров в армии США

Not to mention that Salatenko — man smart, intellectual, observant, and although is on the other side of the front, is some respect, unlike Lyashko and KIV that changes color depending on the political climate (yesterday “fighters with fascism” with St. George ribbons, tomorrow the “Right sector”*, the day after the party Rabinovich).

About his training in the States of Salatenko briefly wrote about it in social networks, since may of this year, from time to time posting pictures, some celebrations, some with a practical course in Fort Benning, with some received by the end of the course with diplomas. In an interview, he mentioned that the training at Fort Benning only “in the field” lasted 14 weeks, that is since June (when, judging by social networks, arrived there after the language courses) in September. 16 October, he posted his photo at the end of training.

But his observations, he shares for the first time. In addition to describing differences in approaches to learning and General building services in Ukrainian (the successor to the Soviet) and American armies, detailed stories about the content of various courses in the States (according to him, “there is a course on the rate and the rate of whipping”), with the exact figures according to the schedule, the number of people in institutions, regulations, and other (which makes the memory of Salatenko in detail is very valuable), there are more important mention.

It should be clarified that at Fort Benning are trained not only us Marines and national guardsmen, but also the Rangers (special forces) and Marines. I was wondering if there were other Ukrainians, but in the words of Salatenko, in the 2nd training company, where he was from 180 people there were only 14 foreigners, “we were there purely as decoration”. He later mentioned that “I’m the one studied in the group, and in the previous one was not, and for me (in the next wave. — Ed.) there was nobody from the Ukraine, but of the Lebanese people… six people were in my group, the Lebanese were ahead and behind in the training battalions”.So to the interesting part.

In the 46th minute interview Salatenko mentions that during the trip, “he began to appreciate after the commander (training. — Ed.) battalion on motivational briefing, including when considering future opponents, and one of their main future opponents is Russia”, mentioned the participation of Salatenko in the fighting in the Donbass.

Salatenko said that American commanders in the military school at Fort Benning just say: “Russia is the enemy, we are going to fight with it. We may not let her fight, we are going to fight with it”.

Here, of course, costs would have to wonder who told him that? Some combat training company? Is this indicative of?

It appears that not only the battalion commander. “The General said approximately the following, after some time he returns to this theme of Salatenko. He called orders (obviously, descending in the list of the enemies. — Ed.) — Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and various radical groups around the world.”

And what is this General? Before that, Salatenko mentions that in front of them in the course of training was only one American officer in this rank, that of Brigadier “General Hodne, commander of the infantry school”.

“They meticulously analyze everything about weapons, constantly compare it with their own,” he adds. And says that he heard from American mentors: “the United States, the free world, call, there are enemies which we must fight. Not to tolerate, not to go hug them, not to ask them about something. We are going to fight them! Not this year — next year! No — so in 10 years! And you get ready, you’re definitely in this fight! Here’s the basic doctrine of the American army”.
He adds: “When something did not work, came up to me and said — Simon, you try, we still train together to fight in the same ranks we will fight”.

Another expressive detail for the preparation of USA for war with the enemy: “They understand that it is necessary to beat on anticipation, then you will avoid a war on its territory, then the bomb will not fall on your house. This lesson, they must be made after (the terrorist attacks on new York and Washington. — Ed.) September 11 (2001. — Ed.)”.

One could argue that motivational statements “we will be together to fight with Russia or China” is necessary only to lift the spirit of foreign students. However, the fact that the us army is preparing for war with more serious opponent than previously shown by lightly armed fighters, a number mentioned Salatenko points made during the training at Fort Benning.

First: “They restored the bayonet. At least three times (during the training. — Ed.) went to the bayonet attack. They believe that their future enemy, which we have already spoken, has good armor, so it is highly likely melee”.

The secondrelated to the same: “They go to the caliber 6.5 (mm. — Ed.) which should go on until 2029. It is not a secret… They are the caliber of experience are constantly firing at Fort Benning”. The new cartridge will have a greater penetration ability than the 5.56 mm M-16 rifles, previously proven in the wars with guerrillas and terrorists in the jungles and deserts.

As you can see, really interesting interview with a very valuable detail.

* Organization banned in Russia by the Supreme court of the Russian FederationVladislav Maltsev

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