We Will Rock You: an irresistible entertainment

We Will Rock You: un irrésistible divertissement

At the crossroads of Rent and Starmania, the musical We Will Rock You seduced today the metropolis, both by the talent of its performers as by the directory that she revisits. No wonder it has become a truly global phenomenon, hailed in nearly 30 countries since its inception in 2002.

Over 24 titles in the repertoire of Queen, the show transports us to a dystopia future where the instruments of music have all been banned, like the free-thinking and diversity of opinion. But a band of outsiders, called here the bohemians, refusing to abdicate. Their goal ? Vibrate to a new genre of music off from the moons : the rock and roll.

The plot, however, is secondary. Stitched with white thread, it is in fact only a pretext to revisit the greatest hits of Freddie Mercury and his band, Somebody to Love, to Another One Bites the Dust, by passing Under Pressure, Don’t Stop Me Now and, of course, the eternal Bohemian Rhapsody.

Distribution flawless

These songs are particularly well served by the whole of the distribution. Trevor Coll, who has been entrusted with the singing of hymns, the most perilous, impresses us with his agile voice, capable of reaching peaks, impressive with a plumb and a precise perplexing. His colleagues Keri Kelly and Krystel Chance to get also a splendid way, the latter giving life to the character of the unpleasant service, a Killer Queen especially tasty.

Flats ? Of course, there are, to begin with the choreography, the execution of which is sorely lacking in tone and conviction. But we forgive quickly these gaps, immediately spellbound by the tunes of Queen. Because, yes, We Will Rock You is a compelling entertainment. But the show is much more than a simple distraction, it is a reminder of the greatness and power of the musical repertoire of the legendary british group.

The musical We Will Rock You is presented on Wednesday night at Place des Arts, and then at the Grand Théâtre de Québec on Friday.

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