Wealth versus democracy

Richesse contre démocratie

American democracy is crumbling ? To read the comments glad that emanate from Iran or from China, it would be necessary to conclude that the answer is yes. It is true that the leaders of these regimes are connoisseurs in the field of democracy. Yet, the events of the last days show exactly the opposite.

The american democracy, undermined for a long time, is finally showing signs of health. The protesters insist on the problems of racism and police brutality. But they downplay the factor of tension is the most important : the distribution of increasingly inequitable wealth.

Donald Trump is responsible for all the democratic problems ?

Trump is not responsible for all the problems. Some thrive for a long time, such as the lack of ceiling of election expenses or the cutting-partisan extreme constituencies. But Trump is responsible to have fanned the hatred against journalists, nepotism, the dismissal of government officials on partisan grounds, etc

What is the part of the republican party ?

The republicans are responsible for a number of drifts and non-democratic country. Their refusal to vote for the impeachment of Trump, or the support, ardent of some republicans influential to the idea of sending the army to repress peaceful protesters reinforce the blame. However, this is not where the republicans are the most anti-democratic. Their worst through is to support the formation of a true plutocracy, that is to say, a government of the ultra-wealthy.

How the republicans support the wealthy ?

The support of the republicans in the ultra-rich is extreme. The republicans have voted strong on tax cuts for the wealthy and they continue to do so at every opportunity. For example, they are included in the measures of fight against the COVID-19 tax cuts, which will save 83 billion dollars for the wealthy, but only 7 billion others.

The billionaires have americans been affected by the pandemic ?

No. The fortune of the nearly 600 billionaires in american has increased by 19 % since the beginning of the pandemic in march. While average Americans are suffering from substantial loss of income. Of course, the vast majority of this money will escape the tax and will be stashed in tax havens. As much tax as the other Americans will have to pay, or as much of the government services that will be cut.

Why the equitable redistribution of the wealth is it essential ?

If the money had been redistributed more equitably in the United States, there would be no fewer problems. George Floyd probably would not have presented a fake $ 20 bill to pay for her groceries. People would not have felt obliged to work at the peril of their lives to provide non-essential services. The real problem in the us.U. is the excessive concentration of wealth in the hands of a few hundred people who pay little or no tax.

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