Weather surprise: in Karelia, the snow fell

Погодный сюрприз: в Карелии выпал снег

In Kareliya on Friday has unexpectedly a lot of snow. In social networks, residents and guests of the Republic to share photos of blooming plants studded with fluffy white carpet.

Of impending bad weather were among the first alerted traffic police. Representatives of local traffic police has addressed to inhabitants with the request not to drive and to be careful on the roads.

Winter precipitation in early may for many sudden, as in the Republic have already started to bloom seasonal plants. Some eyewitnesses claim that the snow height in some places reached ten centimeters.

According to weather forecasts, light rain will continue to fall on the territory of Karelia to Saturday but the temperature will warm two degrees at night, up to six degrees during the day.

In addition to Karelia, the snow also fell in Murmansk and Leningrad regions.