Webseries: Legault's secrets will wait

Webseries: Legault's secrets will wait

The CAQ withdrew on Friday a promotional capsule announcing a new web series entitled Confidences d'un premier minister, starring François Legault.

With lots of music and dramatic visual effects, the ad featured the Caquist leader as “Quebecers' favorite politician.” A new episode of the webseries was to be broadcast every week from October 1, the date of Mr. Legault's second birthday as head of government.

The video, which presented two empty chairs on the stage of a theater in Trois-Rivières, promised “confidences” of Mr. Legault on the pandemic and the economic recovery.

The party, however, withdrew its trailer a few hours later, acknowledging that the context of the second wave of COVID-19 did not lend itself well to this exercise.

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