Weekend in Dutch: how to travel to Amsterdam – city of bikes

PHOTO : MIR / Ekaterina degtereva


So different, but always your Amsterdam. Going to this European city, expect to meet in the streets of the crowd of freaks. And in fact – maneuvering among the Granny on the bike and enjoying the ride on the boat. This is where a great creative atmosphere, so it’s on the streets of the city with amazing architecture, reports “WORLD 24”.

Be warned, you cannot lose a single day. Next year in Amsterdam will ban tours red light district, where booths with the “night butterflies”. Pack your bags and count how much will a trip to the “Venice of the North” for the weekend.

Fly for fun next weekend on 6 and 7 July. So, round-trip ticket for one costs 31 thousand roubles. To get acquainted with the city, booking a hotel in the centre. A room for these dates is 14 thousand rubles. And this is the cheapest offer. The result – 45 thousand rubles.

Let’s see if we will fly in September to save? In the first month of autumn, by the way, a festival of contemporary art. A round-trip flight on 14-15 September will be released at 18 thousand rubles. Much cheaper than in summer. What about accommodation? The same once cheap hotel now costs 35 thousand rubles, but if you choose a more modest hotel, you can meet and 17 thousand.

If the dates are decided, it’s time to consider the route of exploring Amsterdam. First look at the famous “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh in the original! In the Museum of the genius of the artist tickets you need to book in advance with audio guide – they are less expensive: 18 euros or 1200 rubles. Next go to the house-Museum of Rembrandt. And, of course, meet Marilyn Monroe, albert Einstein, brad pitt and other famous people. However, talking about wax replicas of stars. Madame Tussauds is a must visit.

Not to spend all the savings on museums, I advise you to buy a single card of Amsterdam. She works two days and is 4.2 thousand rubles. This includes visits to the main museums of the capital of the Netherlands, free travel on the metro and trams, and also on the canals of the city and free trips on the boat. What is not a great holiday?!

From museums to loud parties in Amsterdam one step. Step in the direction of the red light district. It is a network of alleys containing rooms and shop Windows illuminated by red light. The glass girls, photograph them, and watch while you still can.

When it’s filled eccentric places of Amsterdam, don’t forget to try the city by taste. Choice of: cheese from € 5 / head, raw meat sausage, beer, fried meatballs with potatoes. And, of course, try the herring. It is sold in rolls or fish entirely. Portion costs 3 euros or 215 rubles.