Weekend in Kiev again pull South bridge

В выходные в Киеве снова перекроют Южный мост

As reported in “Kievavtodor”, the repair team urgently to be engaged by expansion joints, to which there were complaints.

To work, the road will be mainly at night to create the least possible interference with the movement of the cars.

В выходные в Киеве снова перекроют Южный мост

Meanwhile, the repair of the pedestrian bridge at the intersection of prospect Lubomyr Husar (Komarov) and street Vasilenko (Solomenskiy district). The traffic bridge needs to recover in January-February next year, and all the work will complete by the summer. Are now conducted around the clock. In order to repair and replace all elements of the overpass (total length of the bridge with stairs — 60,8 m) will be equipped with two elevators. The bridge will be closed gallery of glass and metal (with Windows for ventilation), LED lighting. The floor will not slip — put a special coating MC-Floor Topspeed German production.

Reconstruction is well under way of a pedestrian bridge over Avenue L. Kurbas on the forums (near the cinema “Leipzig), where he installed all of the purlins, equip also closed the gallery. Under normal weather should open the bridge to the end of the year.

Continuing active construction and Shulyavska the bridge, where after the installation of the last girder the builders have finished to weld it to the main structure. Almost ready improvement of the embankment to the overbridge from the street V. Getman, also complete to build retaining walls and lay the Sewerage network. From the street Dovzhenko, yet the arrangement of retaining walls and embankments. At the facility construct left and right turn exits from the bridge. Preparations for the paving of the track to pass the bridge to the end of December.

In the next few days, there have been some changes in the passenger transport. So, on December 12 in connection with the NSK “Olympic” football match (the game will start at 19:55) between teams “Dynamo” (Kiev) and Lugano (Switzerland) possible changes in the subway. Before the game, unable to restrict (close) input to the station “Olympic”, after the match — station “sports Palace”, “Olympic” and “Lev Tolstoy Square”. Such measures are traditionally used to avoid mass congestion on the station platforms.

As reported in “Kievpasstranse”, 11 December a renewed movement of trolley buses №№ 25 and № 28 on their routes (across the street Mostecky, where he completed on the roadway emergency repair work).

Recall that for the next few days in Kiev and reduced the work of some trams, which are caused by repairs on the lines of the electric vehicle. Due to track repair on the street Miropolskaya on the night of 12-13 December, will reduce the schedule of movement of trams № № 28, 33. Normal traffic will be restored only at 04:45. Also in the night of 12 December, on a reduced schedule working trams № 14 and№ 15, which is associated with the repair of the tracks on Church street.

Earlier, the “FACTS” reported that since December 8, has changed the schedule of the s-Bahn, but because of the reconstruction of tram ways on street of Almaty (center) has temporarily suspended the movement of trams № 23, 32, 33.

Until January 26, the movement of buses №№ 24, 114 on weekends and holidays are organized by route of day (across the street Khreshchatyk). This involves the preparation and celebration of the New year on St. Sophia square.

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