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Rebonjour Nadine!

Like you, our journalists are trying to relax in front of the tv, in these times of confinement. Here is one of their testimonies.

You hesitate to take the train District 31 because you missed the first four seasons ? Find another excuse. I just listen to the first season in three weeks. The delay it is possible to catch up.

I write ” listen “, but to be honest, I should drop the ” re “. Because in September 2016, I commit to spending two additional hours per week in front of my tv, it was ” too much for me “, said our future Nancy Riopelle, aka Genevieve Schmidt, in The beautiful discomfort.

I resisted District 31 during a good part of the year. I even passively seen its ratings climb to 940 000 1 330 000 viewers in a few months. And finally, a few weeks before the grand finale (the shot of Kevin) that I cracked.

Choose his camp

To return to the origins of a television phenomenon as District 31 has something fascinating. I recommend the exercise to 1 900 000 Quebecers who are now following the series, if only to choose your camp in full knowledge of cause : team Nadine or team Noélie ?

Because before the agent St-Hilaire (Catherine St-Laurent) arrived in the post, Patrick Bissonnette (Vincent-Guillaume Otis) only had eyes for his lieutenant (Magalie Lépine-Blondeau). And it is legitimate. Nadine was smart, bubbly and ” sexy cute “, said Véronique Cloutier in a parody… But, lord, she was a melee in love ! It was almost unbearable. She and Patrick have turned around the pot for exactly 100 episodes before sharing their first real kiss. I stopped to calculate the number of reconciliations aborted around the 50th episode, for fear of défenestrer my tv.

And for this reason, my vote goes to Noélie. The ex-patrouilleuse would never have let drag on so long this row of spouts the eskimos.

Holes of memory

Of course, revisiting a series of police knowing which characters are still standing after four years, considerably reduces the tension of certain scenes. Seeing Poupounex (Sébastien Delorme) get shot in the middle of the street, I do not fear a long time for Sébastien Delorme. But I really shocked when Isabelle (Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc) was run on Alex Vadnais. Do I have to blame my memory of fish ? Not necessarily the same.

Luc Dionne I was recently confessed that he was amused and sometimes pausing in the middle of the old episodes of District 31 to try to guess the rest. And often, it may not. So if the author fails, I am certainly forgiven.

Tribute to Mr Beauvais

Other comments in bulk after completing my “blitz”: in the role of Mr. Beauvais, the friendly weasel from the centre for the elderly, Réjean Lefrançois volt each of the scenes in which he appears. I would have taken a spin-off tomorrow morning.

Bruno (Michel Charrette) has changed. And not just physically. The detective sergeant in the homicide was surprisingly unsympathetic to the beginning of the course.

Some replies take on a different meaning when you know the rest, such as when Patrick asks Sonia (Pascale Montpetit) if it keeps on Laurent Cloutier (Patrick Labbé) in his basement. With a nod to Yannick Dubeau.

The polygraph of the 31 had overheat in 2016-2017. The investigators spent their time asking people to pass a lie detector.

Escorts Amélie Bérubé/Miss BBQ (Charlotte Legault) and Nancy/Virginia Francœur (Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle) have been under-estimated very early by the squad of investigators.

On that note, I gotta go. I still have 108 episodes to finish season 2.

► Season 1 of District 31 is available on HERE Tou.tv Extra.


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